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E-commerce Development Company in New York

E-commerce development is captious to any business that sells to the public. Across the globe online is where it is at! Antigua Web Solutions provides you with a full suite of services that benefit online merchants to win more sales for a given volume of traffic. Also, Using a combination of a deep understanding of Customer Conversion, Customer Behavior, and Core Shopify programming, Antigua Web Solutions endeavors a unique ability to fully deliver success to their clients.

Our understanding of the technology landscape endeavors our clients with better solutions for “off-site” tools and applications that support the e-commerce development company goals. Because of this, we leverage the ultra-fault tolerant environment from AWS (Amazon Web Services) globally and Azure where appropriate.
Also, Antigua Web Solutions has a proven track record of rescuing merchant websites suffering from ill-effects such as poor conversion, poor page rank, improper or slow page loads, unused or dead code on pages, and undiscovered bugs on various web browsers and devices. Moreover, If we look at this digital buzz world, then your business website works as a life support system for your business. Because

Revolutionize your business with winning e-commerce software solutions

Successful e-commerce means more than solely displaying your products online. Because of this, you are required to consider the fierce competition and ever-changing ecosystem, with a “survival of the fittest ” approach. also, Custom e-commerce solutions are decisive to gaining the competitive edge you require. Also,  E-commerce specialists at Antigua Web Solutions produce next-gen, scalable, and feature-rich e-commerce solutions that considerably increase sales and profits for businesses such as B2B and B2C businesses. Moreover,  Our e-commerce development services are actualized keeping your business requirement in focus.
Also, We guarantee that our e-commerce development company acquiesce you to stand out in this extremely competitive sector and afford your customers a thoroughly delightful digital experience. Because of this, you can rely on the Antigua Web Solutions squad of skilled and seasoned developers, project managers, and consultants who safeguard that you receive a seamless e-commerce software development process.

Our custom e-commerce Development solutions are a class apart:

We benefit to accelerate your e-commerce growth and serve you end-to-end e-commerce software development services on a platter. Moreover, Some of our e-commerce software services may include such –

E-commerce Store Customization

Partner with Antigua Web Solutions to gain high-performing custom e-commerce solutions. Also,  You will get a store that coordinates with your specific needs.

Shopping Cart Development

Moreover, Our e-commerce developers are specialists in formulating feature-rich and intuitive shopping carts that boost conversions and raise ROI for your business.

E-commerce Marketplace Development

If your online business runs on multi-vendor models. Also, Our e-commerce software development will deliver a seamless e-commerce marketplace that will eclipse your expectations.

E-commerce App Development

Reach out to us for e-commerce software solutions for mobile that will allow you to capture the entire smartphone market.

Plugin and Module Development

Moreover, We integrate your product with advanced-level plugins to upgrade your e-commerce store with updated features and functionalities.

Maintenance and Support

We afford our client’s round-the-clock maintenance and support to ensure they have a hassle-free experience.

Payment Gateway Integration

With us, you can get your hands on complete e-commerce solutions that are unified with multiple payment gateways. Because of this, our custom e-commerce development will ensure you a secure and simple online transaction.

Also, With the wealth of custom e-commerce development options currently available. Figuring out the ideal route to sell online can be confronting for prospective e-commerce store owners. Moreover, The experts at Antigua Web Solutions can aid you to choose from among a range of popular e-commerce platforms such as –


Also, All the Shopify experts employ proven proficiencies to boost their business. Moreover, Even all the experts remit all the aspects to evolve a profitable online store in your niche. We not only come up with feasible opportunities that address their issue but also we understand the requirements of our clients and their target market.


A business that requires e-commerce systems for substantial projects can take full advantage of Magento. Also, Big names in the market have already been aided by Magento. After that, You can realize your e-commerce business objective with our fully featured magneto development services as it breaks the wall between engineering and art. Because of this, we have built highly customized solutions with seasoned Magento Developers that afford you the best ROI and thrive in a competitive landscape.

Woo Commerce

This is a powerful, open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Leveraging the WordPress CMS will acquiesce you to reap the benefits of Woo Commerce. You can take advantage of the power of Woo Commerce as it has the power to rank in the 25% of the top websites and further turn your journey into e-commerce with our experienced professionals. Because of this, Woo Commerce will expedite the online retail objectives of the size and the scale of operations. With it, you can revamp your existing e-commerce website to other platforms such as WordPress to Woo Commerce.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce ranks as a particularly scalable solution for developing e-commerce software solutions.

Open Cart

This is an online store management system that affords comprehensive customization and is the right fit for small and medium-sized e-commerce stores.

Features of E-commerce Development

Some of the features of E-commerce development are such as –

Shopping Cart Development

You can break through your e-commerce website with a sophisticated shopping cart. Shopping Cart Development also authority a list of customer-centric interactive functions.

Payment Gateway Integration

For catering to the dynamic business needs and global customer base you must know that a payment gateway system is highly competent.

E-commerce Store Design

In our service, we present you with an aesthetic and responsive picture of your brand that is personalized by our expert team of e-commerce developers.

Plugin/Module Development

By adding customized plug-ins and module support, we can boost the performance of your e-commerce service application.

Why Choose Us?

Client satisfaction, knowledge of the current trends, and a futuristic approach are the three fundamentals that grasp Antigua Web Solutions’ glory as the best IT Company in New York. But besides the mentioned aspects, there are further reasons for choosing our company such as –
1) Paramount integrity for every single project
2) Free maintenance and support for a vast period
3) Enlightened skill and expertise in custom web design and development
4) One step ahead of the time limit makes each delivery on time
5) Affordable price tags for any accredit project

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Q1 What is E-commerce development?

Ans. It is the process of correctly structuring and operating an online shopping firm. In the case of eCommerce development, another issue to consider is effective marketing and client interaction.

Q2 Why is having an e-commerce site important for business owners?

Ans. People nowadays have very little time to go to real stores and buy things. Many tend to shop on their smartphones or PCs. Having an e-commerce site for your company will allow you to tap into this market and keep your consumers up to date on all of your new products and services.

Q3 How do I select the most appropriate platform for my eCommerce website?

Ans. Consider the following essentials before beginning your e-commerce development. They’ll help you choose the best platform for your needs. Always think about the products you’re selling. While some e-commerce systems can handle stock control and many product variations, others cannot. Before deciding on a platform, think about the design possibilities, payment methods, site security, integration with other tools, features, and cost.

Q4 What Are the Benefits of Ecommerce Development for Any Business?

Ans. Ecommerce Development is very important and thus has grown in popularity in recent years since it provides businesses with a wide range of benefits, from marketing to expanding the product line, all of which assist product sales. You can simply develop and reach goals with an efficient and well-designed e-store, as well as provide consumers with round-the-clock assistance.


Q5 What Are The Different E-Commerce Types?

Ans. Ecommerce, or online commerce, is a term that refers to a variety of commercial activities. Business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), customer to the company (C2B), and customer to customer (C2C) are the four basic types of e-commerce business.

Q6 How Should I Promote My Website and Develop E-Commerce?

Ans. There are several methods to this, the first of which is to advertise the site to all consumers. This will support the development of your consumer base. Every advertising in which your organization invests should include your website URL. Register your website with the search engines and improve it, since this will affect the number of visitors it receives.

Q7 How Do You Make An Eye-Catching Website?

The beauty of a website is determined by how it functions and how user-friendly it is. Ensure that the site is fast and responsive, easy to navigate, efficient, and interesting. Also, make sure you’ll be able to fill orders as fast as needed. Send emails to your customer telling them that you are unable to offer the service.

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