Unique Benefits of Digital Content Marketing

June 18, 2022
digital content marketing

Benefits of Digital Content Marketing focuses on driving sales by giving your clients what they’re searching for while they’re effectively looking for it.

Today, we will discuss the top advantages of content marketing to assist you with understanding how important this marketing system can be for your business. To begin with, we’ll share the top content marketing benefits. Then, at that point, we’ll dig into how you can begin with an effective content marketing technique.

Top Reasons to Invest in Benefits of Digital Content Marketing

  1. Since Google likes content.

That’s right, the Google gods are about quality content.

Don’t believe me? Simply head over to YouTube and look into interviews with Matt Cutts (the former head of web spam at Google). You’ll be hard-pressed to find him to answer a question about how to rank higher in Google with anything other than “write great content.”

Google is obsessed with providing its users with the search experiences that deliver what they’re searching for. High-quality content is often the best way to provide that experience.

Alright, so Google likes content. What difference does it make?

Short response: Everyone.

A recent report found that Google sends 10x more traffic to the typical site than Facebook (and more than 10x for some other sites).

In other words, content marketing dramatically boosts site traffic from your best traffic channel (organic search).

  1. Content marketing lets you control the conversation

It’s no secret that selling an item becomes a lot simpler when your client is searching for what you sell.

Let’s say you sell high-end sofas. Somebody on the chase after a $300 sofa won’t be difficult to sell to. When they walk into your store, they’ve proactively decided on what type of sofa they need.

Notwithstanding, imagine a scenario where you could talk to that person while that individual was researching sofas. Imagine a scenario in which you could talk to them about the significance of paying a premium for quality before they made up their mind about how much they were going to spend?

Controlling the conversation while your most likely clients are educating themselves is invaluable. Similar turns out as expected for everything from car insurance to business software.

So why not write these discussion points?

Why not control the discussion when your clients are concluding what they need? Odds are your competitors are getting the best of you and stealing your best potential clients.

  1. It’s way less annoying than traditional marketing

No one enjoys being interrupted around mid-day by individuals trying to sell them something. 40% of internet users as of now use ad blockers, and that number won’t decrease over time. Of course, banner ads can be a decent way to showcase your brand. Yet, spending cash on TV ads and different types of advertising that interrupt your clients doesn’t seem like the most effective way to win them over. Particularly in B2B settings.

Benefits of Digital Content Marketing empowers you to build customer relationships by putting your brand before your clients which helps them.

  1. Content marketing amplifies your brand awareness

Suppose you run an investment firm and choose to write a useful article that ranks 1st on Google for “how to invest in stocks.”

40,000+ individuals look for that exact phrase on Google consistently. You’ve currently placed your brand in front of 480,000 potential clients consistently.

What’s more, that is only for the exact phrase “how to invest in stocks.” 40,000 extra individuals look for the exact phrase “how to buy stocks” consistently additionally, also the other close variations. At least 1 million people search for this topic consistently.

  1.  And the credibility of your brand

So your investing article now appears in front of 1+ million potential clients consistently. Out of that number, 25% of individuals will click on your article.

Expecting you to focus on making the article helpful to your readers, 250,000 individuals will currently see your brand as a thought leader and credible data source consistently. A considerable amount of those individuals will proceed to become your clients over time or tell a friend regarding your site and turn their friend into a client.

  1. Digital Content Marketing provides compounding ROI

Let’s assume you choose to write a second article about the best dividend stocks.

Over the long term, you rank 1st on Google for “best dividend stocks,” which is looked for 22,000 times every month. You’ve presently placed your brand in front of an additional 260,000 individuals each year, which results in about 65,000 qualified site visitors every year.

Now your site went from 250,000 yearly visitors to 300,000.

Each extra article can essentially increase your qualified site visitors every month. To add to this, different sites link to helpful data sources. Every one of these links assists with driving more qualified website visitors to the article that is linked to, as well as other pages on your site.

  1. Digital Content Marketing grows your social media following

Every potential client that finds valuable content on your site becomes a potential advocate for your brand.

A considerable amount of these readers will follow you on Facebook or Twitter so they can stay up to date on future articles that you write. A significant number of these readers will likewise impart your articles to their friends and family on social media, which serves to develop your following over the long run dramatically.

  1. Digital Content Marketing makes life way easier for your customer service team

Does your client assistance group answer similar questions every day?

Whether it’s the way to reset your password or how to utilize your item, carve out an opportunity to compose an informative answer to those questions. Compile those into a blog post or series of blog posts that your customer service team can share when they do get those regular questions.

Numerous clients will try and track down these answers through an internet-based search instead of contacting your customer service team, to begin with.


Ask yourself the following inquiry: do I have the opportunity and willpower to learn Digital Content Marketing and adopt a DIY strategy, or does it make more sense to partner with a group that does this consistently?

If you’re keen on tracking down an accomplice to assist you with Digital Content Marketing, then tell us a little regarding yourself and we’ll set up an opportunity to get to know one another to check whether we’re the right group to assist you with developing.

Visit us for more information.

By Steve

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