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Antigua Web Solutions has the best experienced and creative offshore clients. We have a great team of .Net Developers who delivers unique solutions. If you are looking for creativity and innovation then you must hire the best Dot Net Development Company in New York of Antigua Web Solutions who is well-versed in creating solutions with Microsoft-certified engineers.

Services of the .Net Development

The platform of the .Net Development is a versatile framework of Microsoft ingenuity that is used to run power web, mobile, and desktop applications. If you are searching for the .Net Development services in New York then you can choose Antigua Web Solutions who will take you all the way through the final project. When you use our .Net Developer at a cost-effective rate you will be able to reach your project vision efficiently.

Features of the .Net Development for your business

When you will use the .NET Development you will get to create an application for your business in less coding. This coding language is very efficient that means you can do more in a shorter period and do not need to apply more effort.

Less Coding

When you will use the .Net Development you will get to create an application for your business in less coding. This coding language is very efficient that means you can do more in a shorter period and do not need to apply more effort.


When it comes to the deployment section, we do all the testing when we provide access to the application to our users. Before that, we make sure that there are no bugbears and the app is working properly. Once the testing gets passed then only we will allow the application for the deployment process.


If you are searching for reliable coding then you must choose the .NET language. You can use this language to assure that your whole work is working properly and you will need less maintenance. You can make changes according to your creation of the .NET application.


When you have made your website and you want to ensure that whether it has much security or not. In order to ensure this, you can use .NET as the programming language so as to ensure the highest level of security of your application in all aspects especially when it comes to the payment platform and many more. Contact us to know more about Dot Net Development Company in New York.


1) What is the purpose of.NET development?

Microsoft NET is a software development framework and ecosystem designed and supported by Microsoft to facilitate the development of desktop and web applications. It’s a popular free platform that’s currently used for a wide range of applications because it provides the programming environment for the majority of software development phases.

2) How many languages is.NET capable of supporting?

There are more than 60 programming languages that The NET Framework supports. Among all these programming languages there are 11 languages that have been dedicatedly designed well by Microsoft.

3) What software is used to program in.NET?

Visual Studio by Microsoft

Not only can you use Microsoft. NET Framework in Visual Studio, but it is also built with it. Many innovations are achieved through the use of programs such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store, and Microsoft Silverlight.

4) Is there a future for.NET?

You should not be concerned about the future of NET learning. NET is a well-known and widely used framework in the IT industry. The majority of Fortune 500 companies build their software using. NET.

5) Is.NET a programming language or a framework?

The NET Framework is a software development platform. It is not a language in and of itself. C# and Visual Basic are the primary (but not only) languages used by developers to build software on the. NET Framework.


6) What are the most critical aspects of.NET?

.The NET infrastructure includes features such as an application domain, a common type system, and profiling. Although it may be difficult to isolate one or two key pieces, the interviewer may be looking for the answers “class library” and “Common Language Runtime.”

It’s critical to argue why those are the most important features. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that your skills extend beyond just technical knowledge by demonstrating your ability to apply critical thinking.

7) What exactly is CTS?

CTS is an abbreviation for Common Type System. It contains a set of rules that specify how a data type should be declared, defined, and used in the program.

We can create our own classes and values by following the rules in the CTS. The rules are written in such a way that a data type declared in one programming language can be called by an application written in another.

8) Is.NET still in use?

While it is far from new, NET is still a viable option for web and mobile development, which is why so many San Francisco developers continue to use it. The NET community has made its ways too faster to grow.

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