Best Instagram Tools for Automation

July 07, 2021
Best Instagram Tools

Want to grow on Instagram? In this blog, we will talk about the best Instagram Tools for Automation. Instagram automation is an Instagram tool that can be used to asset users manage and monitor their accounts. More categorically, this often includes the use of Instagram bots to automate specific tasks. Instagram bots will leave comments, send messages, like posts or follow and unfollow the accounts based on the users of the specification set. It is crucial to note that, while using bots to interact online is a great tool, there still needs to be a human aspect to your Instagram exchanges. Scheduling the posts can also be contemplated as an aspect of Instagram automation. This can be a great way to save time by engaging automation tools while maintaining plenty of time for a human approach to Instagram. Some of the best Instagram automation tools are such as –


Gramto is a tool that administers your Instagram activities for you. While they are most known for allowing the users to auto-post. Gramto has many additional features that will administer Instagram accounts on autopilot such as –

. Auto-follow and unfollow

This feature allows the users to set their Instagram account to follow others based on set criteria, whether that be hashtags, locations, or people. Auto unfollow acquiesce the users to schedule when to unfollow other accounts. Additionally, Gramto acquiesced the users to set criteria for who to unfollow, like those accounts that do not follow them back, or accounts that were auto followed.

. Auto direct message

Gramto auto direct message tool acquiesces personalization feature was created to guarantee Gramto stands apart from other automated messages.

. Auto repost

This tool makes it possible for users to share a comment, even when they are not online. Gramto makes it achievable to repost the content from others based on hashtags, locations, and people. Users are also adept to set a time to delete auto reposted content after it has been shared for a set number of hours or days.

. Auto comment

Gramto acquiesces the users to set unlimited predefined comments. These can be contrived on any public post and can be set to a predefined frequency. Further, these comments can incorporate links and hashtags, as well as Emojis. 

. Auto-like

 With this tool, users can affiliate the posts of followers via specific hashtags, usernames, or locations. Additionally, Gramto acquiesced the users to target the followers of competitors by liking their follower’s posts. 

. Auto view story

Gramto claims to be the first to accord this feature. It allows the users to automatically view Instagram stories when they are not online. Users can view hundreds of stories per day, therefore boosting their account’s engagement.

Apart from the tools, Gramto affords a free three-day trial for a single user, as well as an immense backing team and a user-friendly design. 

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Jarvee uses Instagram bots and endorses using residential proxies to benefit us with all of our automation needs. It runs each Instagram account with its own Instagram proxy to increase confidentiality and security. As a result, it lessened the chance of our account getting banned. Jarvee runs on Windows only, so to use it with a different operating system, we will require a virtual machine or a VPS that runs Windows. As far as the features go, it has all of the tools that a small or startup business requires. However, even though Jarvee has more options, these can make it a bit devastating for beginners. Some of the features endeavor by Jarvee are –

. Post scheduling 

. Auto repost

. Auto-follow

. Follow back

. Unfollow 

. Auto like

. Auto comment

. Delete posts 

. Delete comments

. Manage your direct messages

. Hashtag research 

Manage comments 


Instazood authorizes itself as a tool that will benefit users to gain more followers on social media. Through the use of their automation tools, Instagram bots guarantee you more likes and followers. Instazood pledges that the results are not counterfeit by bots, but real people that are interested in your profile. Like some other automation social media platforms, Instazood acquiesces the users to auto like, follow and unfollow, comment, direct message, view stories, and post. However, they have some main countenance they believe set them apart from their competitors.

. Full control – This feature acquiesces the users to have complete control over how they use Instazood. With the ability to specify the target audiences with filters and customization, users can guarantee they are seeing results that make sense for their brand. 

. Mobile friendly – While many bots can be problematic to use, Instazood has optimized their bot to work on all mobile devices. This acquiesces the users to access and manage activity whenever and wherever.

. No download – Instazood is reachable directly from the web and does not require any supplementary installation. This makes Instazood more user-friendly and arguably the secure Instagram bot accessible.

. Safe to use – Making sure that your account does not hit Instagram limits is something Instazood has worked to prevent. Their service will automatically moderate its speed and offer you multiple speed settings for advanced users.

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Followliker has all the features we have already mentioned, and then some. We can accomplish this Instagram add-on with a one-time payment of $100 plus a $7 monthly fee after the first month. Additionally, unlike some other Instagram automation tools, it can be used on both Windows and Mac. Followliker is a somewhat straightforward program, so there is just a small learning curve to it. What’s more, it is cheaper in the long run, especially if we need to administer a lot of accounts. It even has a tool for assigning proxies, so we can benefit public or private proxies as we deem fit with each of our accounts. Some of the features afforded by Followliker are –

Follow users

. Unfollow users

. Upload photos

. Like photos

. Unlike photos

. Comments on photos

. Send direct messages

. User search 

. Photo search 

. Blacklist users

. White list users

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Starting an Instagram business journey can be an alarming thing, however, it is a must in the 21st century. Social media acquiesce us to connect and interact with our audiences, as well as sell our products fast and with more ease than ever before. Hence, social media marketing comes with a lot of importance. Luckily, social media automation tools take all of this pressure off and save us some antique time. They act as a dedicated team that only works on pages 24*7. Consequently, they acquiesce us to shut down our computers and leave our Instagram bots running and working for us all day long. All we need to do is to choose the best Instagram automation tool that works.

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