What is Clubhouse and Marketers Care?

The clubhouse app is a voice-only social platform that acquiesces users to create rooms and start engaging conversations. With no cameras, there is no eye contact. No worries about how you glance or what you wear. All you can do is listen or speak to your clubhouse. Audience members can come in and out of rooms without any disturbance. They can enlist in conversations by simply establishing their hands, as long as the moderators accept or send private invitations to speak. Keep in mind that the Clubhouse app is an invite-only app.

How you can best Clubhouse for your brand | clubhouse and marketers care

Despite being roughly a year old, marketers worldwide have already perceived some powerful business use cases for the app. Some of the ways in which one employs Clubhouse for marketers are such as –

Get branding  Choose brand ambassadors from your company to accompany clubs and conversations. If you do this, make sure your contribution has their profile filled out and illustrates their role and what your company does. As you and others employ in conversation, people will see it. Start by having your team members join or start a group/conversation centered on what your business does. For example, if you sell organic skin products, start a room about that and talk about this in the room chat.

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Join rooms or groups associated with your brand – As noted, you can start a room about your product or service atonement or join existing rooms. Share your expertise in the industry and endeavor to tie in your brand without name-dropping too much. 

Use it for public relations or announcements – If your company is catapulting a new product or accord, you could start a room dedicated to this. Just think of it as a live press conference or release. Tease it up by acknowledging the time and date of your room or group meeting on various social media platforms or through an email campaign. 

Create a roundtable – You can accomplish a room dedicated to free advice or discussion to answer questions about what your brand does. If you build software for healthcare companies, you can debate the importance of having aligned systems in the field. If you run a non-profit organization, debate your mission and open the room to people interested in volunteering or donating.

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Co-market – All kinds of influencers and celebrities love Clubhouse as their marketing brand. So, if there is a well-known industry leader on Clubhouse, who recognizes you, link up and start a room or group together. Their audience will come to see them, offering you a chance to impress a set of people with similar interests. 

Why should marketers care about it | clubhouse and marketers care

Some of the points which the marketers should care about it are such as –

First-mover advantage

From smart home devices to podcasts, the audio space is growing in usage, attention, and acknowledgment. This, combined with a greater shift towards people looking for new ways to associate with others. Clubhouse acquiesces marketers to bridge emerging spaces in audio and community building. Based on its compelling growth in the past month, Clubhouse has positioned itself to be the next big social media app. 

Niche Audiences

As rooms in Clubhouse are set up and formulated by shared interests, people in each room already have a mutual investment in the conversation. Brands can instantly leverage that to get in front of targeted audiences. That join rooms based on their pre-existing buy-in to the topic. This acquiesces marketers to reach the audience that they care about. 

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Authentic Connection

The app acquiesces to long-term engagement through deep and intimate conversions. That can be highly alluring and interactive with the audio-only format. The clubhouse is an ancestry ground for knowledge sharing, idea generation, relationship building, and storytelling. The app’s organic nature undoubtedly humanizes the brand and marketer, making them more genuine and predictable to users. By running a Clubhouse activation to connect with new audiences uniquely, marketers can boost awareness and build trust.  

Can Clubhouse be used for my business | clubhouse and marketers care

The answer to this question is yes. It depends on what your business is. Since Clubhouse is still a comparatively new platform, not every industry is prominent on the app. So, while there is a lot of contingency to talk about marketing, branding, and investing in the app, there might not be as much for other industries. There are a lot of clubs and rooms enthusiastic about things like sports, travel, and wellness. A great way to benefit Clubhouse for marketers is to talk about your brand, build brand awareness, and cooperate with other professionals. For example, if you own a travel agency, you could cooperate with another travel agency and a travel influencer to host a room about how to travel safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Unlike entrenched social media platforms that are full of branded content, Clubhouse has drawn true creators, builders, and innovators to associate and discuss topics of mutual interest. This app has the potential to bring a whole new level of engagement between your brand and the public. But it is crucial to ensure you are bringing value, not just noise, to the table.

By Andrew

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