Content Creation Checklist: Trending 17 Steps to create high-performing Blog Posts for your website

July 30, 2021
Content Creation

Did you know that Content Creation Checklist is the assignment that most B2B content marketers outsource? A whopping 45% of marketing professionals’ communique that they struggle to create engaging content that pummels a circumference with their target audience for their website. In the absence of a well-defined content creation strategy, you will end up circulating random pieces of content now and then. The only way to avert such a situation is to outline a cohesive content marketing guide. It endeavors an overabundance of benefits such as –

  • Maintaining firmness in content creation and distribution
  •  Safeguard that every content asset garners maximum traction
  • Streamlining your content marketing effort to safeguard that they always concentrate on your end goals
  • Analyzing topics, themes, and content ideas that will resonate with your target audience
  • Selecting the right marketing channels to reach your target admirers
  • Keeping all your contentteam members on the same webpage
  • Safeguard that you have a repository of high-quality content assets at any given point in time

It is time for you to summarize a few useful tactics to benefit you build a strong and effective content creation checklist such as –

Monitor blog comments – content creation checklist

Doing this will accord you an idea of your reader’s expectations, problems, and needs. It can be very favorable when developing or tweaking your content creation strategy.

List and embed videos that accord with your niche

For example, if you are a blogger, you can concentre together on a list of trending 15 actionable videos on how to be a more amazing blogger. Think of advantageous videos that will make your readers better at what they do.

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If you want to write up a post on how to do social media management. Then you have to acquisition the most actionable links and tag them in a list formatted blog post.

Cynosure on social listening – content creation checklist

Oversee branded hashtags, and brand name mentions on various social media platforms. One also requires to keep an eye on the comments section of your social media posts.

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Adopting analytical tools

Explore Google Analytics and social media analytics for a more in-depth insight into your current audience’s demographic parameters.

Write out a list of FAQs

Are you asked tons of questions? If so, note them down and answer them. If you have not been asked many questions, think up the things that people would ask about your product or service. What things could be an issue that people might require more precision on?

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Take an irrelevant topic and tie it to your field 

Take something that has annihilation to do with your career and turn it into something that has something to do with your career.

Gradient an influencer to guest post on their blog

Guest posting is a way by the benefit of which one can get more followers and build authority. To do guest posting, you require to make sure that when you pitch influencers, you put your best foot forward. 

Brainstorm content ideas

Amass your team and start jotting down all ideas, themes, and subjects you comprehend that will resonate with your audience. You can also employ a tool such as an Answer the Public to find the questions your audience is most feasible to about a particular topic. When you have got many ideas, list them in an excel spreadsheet and start researching each topic.

Audit your existing content

Asset your best-performing and worst-performing content assets across assorted channels. Doing this will benefit you to analyze the topics, formats, and distribution channels that are driving maximum traction.

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Put together a gifs-filled post 

Everyone loves Gifs. Concentre together a post and use gifs for the images. Gifs have a way of adding humor and energy to posts in a contrivance that images and graphics can’t. You could also accomplish your own with Boomerang. 

Outline a content calendar

A content calendar outlines your content creation strategy and distribution schedule, so you will stay on task and persistent. You will asset a plethora of content calendar templates online to aid with your content creation checklist. You can adopt the following tools to create a content calendar such as –

  • Google Calendar 
  • Airtable
  • Microsoft Excel 
  •  Story Chief

Use questions on forums as blog ideas

Have you ever spent time on websites such as Quora? There are so many people asking questions that you can benefit from for new blog ideas. Once you have written your answer in blog post format, go back to the question on Quora and leave a comment that answers the question. It is helpful, and it could also consort some traffic back to your blog post. 

Set up your blog

If you have not set up your blog yet, it is high time you get started. You can adopt a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or HubSpot to build a lovely blog in a few simple steps. You can also leverage Antigua Web Solutions on WordPress for this.

Publishing keyword-rich content 

If you are writing blog posts, make sure that you reform them using the right keywords. However, circumvent over-stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords. Instead, place your keywords in the following sections such as –

  • Page title
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Introduction
  • Heading (H1) and subheadings (H2, H3)
  •  Image alt text
  •  Conclusion

Antigua Web Solutions can benefit you with the keyword insertion in your blog posts too. All you have to do is to enter the focus keyword on the platform, and it will show you what requirements are to be done!

Creating a content marketing playbook

A content marketing playbook (CMP) acts as a quick reference guide that delineates your organization’s content marketing best practices. It expedites collaboration and coordination within your team and makes it easier to train new employees.

Leverage a content marketing platform

If you have a sufficient budget, getting an easy-to-use and reliable content marketing platform such as Antigua Web Solutions is a great idea. It will administer you with an all-in-one platform to develop, publish, monitor, and manage various content assets. Make sure you evaluate the available benefits and select a CMP that best suits your business needs.


It is impractical to assassinate an inbound marketing campaign without outlining a robust content creation checklist in today’s day and age. Commence by identifying your target audience and focus keywords. You can even take the help of our content marketing guide to create high-performing blog posts for your business website.

By Andrew

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