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DELHI, NEW DELHI: Following the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which caused a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, more and more businesses, particularly small businesses. Are looking to have an online presence and engage in digital marketing, according to Nikhil Rungta, India country manager, Verizon Media. 

“We’re witnessing a lot of shifts in consumer behavior that have emerged,” he added, citing an increase in online grocery buying, online schooling, online medical consultation, online entertainment, and possibly online philanthropy. 

These macro changes in consumer behavior are also influencing corporate decisions.

For example, an increasing number of firms, particularly small businesses, are considering establishing an online presence. “They are now hastening their move to go online. Whether it is by having their own website or social media pages, or by doing a variety of other things,” Rungta noted. 

With countless smaller businesses, as well as huge brands, realizing the value of digital and online marketing. Verizon Media has experienced an increase in the number of advertisers. According to him, the company has witnessed a 25-30% increase in new advertisers. Who had never advertised on Verizon’s platforms before?

Small businesses are also recognizing that many of their clients are online and that they can reach them there. 

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Digital marketing news

Many of them have also realized that if they want to develop outside a small city or state. They can undertake online marketing and reach out to the entire country. Which some of these local or hyperlocal players could not accomplish previously. 

While some of these developments were already underway, the epidemic has accelerated them. Instead of two to three years, these have now been completed in the previous three months.

We are seeing new categories emerge and begin to promote digitally. He said, adding that these categories include consumer product companies and online gaming organizations. And service-driven businesses such as plumbers and electricians, among others. 

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With the economy opening up and unlocking. The firm anticipates that number to rise considerably in the second part of the year.

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