Facebook vs. Instagram marketing – which one is good for your business

October 11, 2021
Facebook marketing vs. instagram marketing

Beginner marketers think about starting a marketing campaign. Only the best and  Experienced marketers launch a Facebook social media campaign. Smart marketers research all social media platforms before launching successful integrated social media campaigns on the platforms. So it is the most appropriate for their company. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between Facebook marketing vs. Instagram marketing.

Let’s face it: social media marketing is a versatile, cost-effective, and powerful tool for both marketers and small company owners. It aids in reaching your target audience, increasing sales, increasing brand recognition, improving conversion rates, increasing traffic to your website. Even improving search engine results. It’s no surprise, then, that an increasing number of firms are using social media into their marketing strategies.

According to Statista, social media advertising investments are expected to increase from 32 billion dollars in 2017 to around 48 billion dollars in 2021. Isn’t it pretty amazing? 

Now, whether you’re a new or veteran marketer, you may be wondering which platform to launch your social media campaign on. After all, social media advertising may be costly, and in order to achieve the best results, you must invest in the correct ads on the proper platform.

Facebook and Instagram: what do they have to offer?

Hereafter, knowing Facebook marketing vs. Instagram marketing is essential so why not to get complete information of this. Among all social media sites, there are two that are the most involved and, as a result, may provide you with a significant ROI: Facebook and Instagram. 

As you are surely aware, Facebook is extremely popular. It’s actually quite large. Facebook has expanded so significantly since its inception in 2004 that the average number of daily users in June 2018 is 1.47 billion. Although its original aim was to help people stay in touch with friends and family members, it today now assists businesses in reaching their clients through advertising.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a relatively new platform. Instagram, which debuted in 2010, is a platform for visual storytelling for everyone, including artists, celebrities, youth, brands, and others. It quickly gained popularity after its release and had 800 million users globally in 2017. 

In fact, observing Instagram’s rapid development and success, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, decided to purchase it in April of 2012. 

It’s clear that both platforms are excellent for advertising. Would it be best, though, to launch your social media campaign on one or both of them?

Facebook vs. Instagram: brand engagement

Facebook marketing vs. Instagram marketing is different and these both play vital roles in doing brand awareness of a business. 

Did you realize that Facebook has over 60 million Business Pages? 

Unfortunately, despite the fact that many people Like or Follow an FB Business Page, just 32% of them routinely engage with brands on Facebook by sharing material, posting comments, and asking questions. 

With Instagram, things appear to be looking up. Instagram is used for marketing by 70.7 percent of US businesses. Many people have built Instagram Business Profiles and use them to advertise on a regular basis. Furthermore, 80 percent of Instagram users follow a business, and as seen above, 68 percent of them engage with companies on a regular basis.

Now, because Instagram has higher brand engagement, would you get more views, shares, and comments if you posted any form of content or ad on Instagram rather than Facebook? Surprisingly, no. 

Despite having lesser brand engagement, Facebook receives over 8 billion daily video views. Instagram, on the other hand, excels at image sharing. As a result, it is a smart idea to invest in Facebook Video Ads and Instagram Photo Ads.

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Facebook vs. Instagram: mobile-friendliness and mobile users

Is Facebook much different when visited through a mobile app vs a Web browser on your PC? No, not at all. The sole distinction is in the arrangement and general design (after all, smartphones have much smaller screens than laptops and PCs). You may, however, check activity, read and publish posts on both mobile and desktop. You can also quickly access Messenger on both devices. As a result, Facebook is ideally suited for desktop, laptop, and mobile use. 

Instagram, on the other hand, does not offer a desktop experience. When individuals log in via a Web browser, they are subject to a number of restrictions. On Instagram, for example, you can’t quickly add photographs, alter current posts, or watch Instagram videos.

As a result, when it comes to advertising on Facebook, it doesn’t matter what device you use or how you access the platform. On Instagram, though, you must do everything through an app. 

According to new data, 95.1 percent of active user accounts access Facebook by smartphone, 31.8 percent via laptop and desktop, and only 8.8 percent via tablets. In terms of Instagram, laptops and PCs are rarely used to access the platform. The majority of people use a smartphone or tablet to access it.

Hence, it is clear that Facebook marketing vs. Instagram marketing is completely clear. Along with this, the actual goal of these two is to engage more customers in a business product. 

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