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April 06, 2021
Google Ads Management

Get the perfect place here with Antigua web solutions for having the knowledge of google ads management. On this ad management platform, grab the leads for doing direct sales for large publishers. To manage the Google ads you will need the google ads manager for running all these services regarding ad exchange and networks. More than this, there is pay-per-click google ads management. There are different campaigns for your business, which you want to run on a high level using digital marketing tactics. Therefore, google ads are also a digital marketing tactic among them.

Basically, this is an online advertising solution where you can easily promote your products and services. All the products and services will come on google search, youtube, and other websites that are added to the Google ad network. More than this, take help from google ads campaigns to promote your business in the wide area of what you are serving to the customers.

Your all ads can be viewed by visitors frequently. All in all, these ads will come on the top or bottom of search page results regarding the mentioned search on google. Moreover, your google ads will appear in the list of local locations mentioned in the map section of your search results. There is a google ads manager account for handling the business ads. For using the Google ads management system by your google ads manager account, you have to do the google ads login. After logging in, you may manage your google ads services easily. Antiguawebsolutions is a vast experience and we know how to help you out with running a profitable campaign for your business.

Get a surge in your business with google ads management-

We are the google partners with a high rate of a proven track record for success. Let’s work together with making more google ads management services. For running your business, it is very important to manage your account as well for promoting your business in your having more leads or clicks for your website. Using the Google ads management system helps you to monitor performance and you can also update your campaigns and there are options related to managing other account tasks.

As we have the experience related to manage the pay per click for a long time. Also, we are here to help you out with expanding your business by getting more leads and we create more advertising campaigns for clients either they are big or small. Moreover, Antigua web solutions helps clients to get more leads and inbound calls from their investments as well.

Antigua web solutions-

More about us, we are the certified Google partner agency. We are providing the PPC management services at a high rate with better consequences. Furthermore, we are serving with helping clients to get more engagements and a variety of approaches. Along with this, we do have weekly campaigns and having a high conversion rate.

More than this, Antiguawebsolutions is making it convenient to build retargeting campaigns. Through these campaigns, you may easily get leads from visitors who didn’t convert earlier. Moreover, we are certified in google ads, youTube ads, and remarketing also. In addition to this, we are serving the google shopping ads of e-commerce which may lead to a surge in sales. Make your google ads manager account today and start exploring the better achievements with Antiguawebsolutions.

How much should I spend to get Google AdWords Manager?

To get the Google AdWords manager for your business you should know the cost of this that how much it will cost for you to get the management of Google ads. For information, this totally depends upon the workload of the related PPC campaigns. Moreover, there is a wide range of Management fees to have a Google ads management for your business. You may get this not less than $500 in a month and you may charge for having this up to $5000 a month for more than this.

9 Benefits of PPC Advertising & Google Ads (AdWords)-

For increasing your sales and revenue, get the advantage of the benefits of PPC advertising and google ads. There are google ads campaigns that enhance the engagement of the visitor to your business. Get more google ads services with us. Manage all those google ads services here with Antiguawebsolutions by having different campaigns for trending your business.

  1. Easily get a direct touch with people searching for business by advertising google ads.
  2. More than this, get targeted advertising.
  3. At the right time, get direct engagements with the right people.
  4. PPC advertising allows you to measure ROI to see exactly what you’re getting out of the as instantly. This means, easily measure the impressions and number of clicks on your content or website.
  5. In addition to this, get the brand exposure of your products on top of the search results.
  6. Get the immediate impact regarding your business or the search results of your business or google ads management services.
  7. Only you need to pay when anyone clicks on your ads.
  8. Moreover, easily limit your daily ad spend.
  9. Additionally, advertise your business locally or globally.

Google Ads management advantages:

Grab the information about the advantages of google ads management before making the google ads management account. There are some related points to have the knowledge about the better results with advantages for your business.

  • Get more Phone call conversion integration
  • Also, get Call tracking (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Regular account maintenance will be done your google ads management account hygiene
  • Get more Quality score for monitoring and optimizing your google ads account
  • Additionally, grab more key benefits regarding making bid management frequently on keywords
  • Moreover, get the advantage of having weekly negative keyword hygiene

How to create a Google Ads manager account

For creating the google ads management account, you have to follow some steps to make it. Furthermore, manage more google ads management accounts with a single email id. Hence, get into the process of creating the google ads account.


Here is the step guide to create a manager account:

  1. First of all, Visit the Google Ads manager account homepage.
  2. Then do click on the option of Create a manager account.
  3. Sign in with your email to manage your new manager account.
  4. For more information, 20 Google Ads accounts (including manager accounts) can use the same email.
  5. Along with this, now name your google ads manager account.
  6. Now, this is your choice to use the account to manage your multiple google ads accounts or people’s accounts.
  7. Therefore, Select your country and time zone accordingly.
  8. Therefore, choose a permanent currency for your google ads management account. 
  9. Finally, Click on the option of Explore Your Account to get started.

So, let’s commence your journey to promote your business as well with Antiguawebsolutions. Make your google ads management account today and get more engagements for your business at a high rate.

By Andrew

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