What You Need to Know About Google Local Service Ads

February 09, 2021
Google local Services ads

What You Need to Know About Google Local Service Ads.

There are many pay-per-lead advertising platforms, including Google Local Services Ads. Ads that are triggered by relevant keywords trigger Local Service ad categories, which appear at the top of search results. These can be found on your mobile devices and desktop. With the main ad format, a company can display its business name, city, review ratings, hours of operation, and phone number. The businesses that benefit from this ad format are usually those that have a high review rating and strong brand awareness within local markets.

Cost of Local Services Ad Leads

A business has to set a weekly budget and it is charged for every lead. The lead cost varies based on the category and market. There are some cases where you may not have to pay for leads. This includes leads from listings that are not Google Guaranteed or those that have free listings. The amount of paid listings in a specific category or market will vary greatly. Some of the searches could only result in one of two listings, others may result in a lot more. There is no limit to the number of advertisers in a specific market or category. The fewer advertisers in a market, the more leads the other businesses will receive. Some may receive a lot of leads, while another one may receiver a lot fewer. In the past year, Google has included a bidding option for some Local Services Ads accounts.

How are Keywords Generated

A business cannot choose which keywords to target when using Local Services Ads. They choose a category or job type that is relevant to the type of product or service they offer. Google chooses the relevant keywords for the business. Also, the ads will appear based on the job types and service areas. However, Google doesn’t offer keyword data to show the keywords that are A

Pausing Ads

If a business decides to pause its ads, its ad will not be removed from the search results, but its Google Guaranteed badge and label will no longer exist and the listing that has been paused shows up below paid listings. A business can pause its ads at any time and reactivate them again on the Google Local Services dashboard or its app. Also, The business will not be charged for the lead when they pause an ad.

Are Google Local Services Ads Worth It

While every business has to make this determination for themselves, we can only tell in our opinion, it is worth it. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and you don’t have to participate. Moreover, we think it is a good platform to use because of its relatively low cost to obtain leads, priority placement of ads, and there are no additional costs to join. Even if a business decides to give it a try and they determine that it isn’t a good fit, they can pause the ad without incurring any additional costs.

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