The Ultimate Guide to Google Maps Ads

February 09, 2021
Google Maps Ads

As a business owner, you probably already know about the number of digital marketing platforms that there are today. Choosing the right ones can be somewhat difficult to do. However, it is in your best efforts to find out as much as you can about the various types so that you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs. We are going to discuss at least one of them in this article, Google Maps Ads. Google local search ads and Google Maps ads are both useful. However, we will just discuss the use of Google Maps for PPC marketing solutions and SEO.

What is Google Maps Marketing

Google maps help businesses increase their online presence. It is effective at helping your target audience find your business easier. Although many large businesses use it, it is also appropriate for any size business that is interested in local SEO. When trying to create a strong online presence, you have to take advantage of the tools and resources that will enable you to do this. Since many people use Google Maps, it is a great way to reach your target audience. It also helps you reach your audience through organic searches.

Why is Google Maps SEO Important

Google Maps advertising has three ways that people can see your local business:

  1. Through engaging, quality content – It will extend to your web page content, social media posts, blog articles, and any of the email marketing campaigns you choose to use
  2. Paid ads. – Through location extensions and keyword bidding
  3. Google search results and Google Maps – In addition to the user reviews on BBB, Yelp, and TripAdvisor

If you choose to take advantage of these 3 results via Google Maps, you’ll receive the following three benefits:

  1. Increase in leads – Users are encouraged to use the Call to action button to contact your business directly. They can do this without ever going to your website
  2. Increased on-site business – Visitors can receive directions from the search results on Google Maps, which makes it easier for them to find your business.
  3. Boost brand awareness – Top Google Maps will link to the Google My Business Listings, providing customers with the details of your business

Google Maps Organic Rankings

Optimizing Google Maps advertising can be accomplished effectively with the right experience and knowledge. This is why many will rely on the efforts of an SEO agency to help them optimize Google Maps to boost rankings.

Here are the three main metrics that can influence Google Maps rankings:

  • Relevance – Your website should address the needs of your target audience. This is determined by the information found on your GMB listing
  • Distance – You can’t influence this metric, but it is important to provide information that is precise as possible about the exact location of your business
  • Prominence – This determines how well your business matches up to the Google algorithm. It is why many businesses with more experience are ranked higher on Google Maps.

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