What Is Google My Business? How to increase Google My Business Traffic?

October 02, 2021
Google My Business Traffic

GMB is the platform via which you maintain your Google company listing. On the right side of the page of Google search results, business listings appear in searches. This implies that when consumers are looking for your company name, keywords in your particular brand, or vital services you provide, your GMB profile will only display if it is properly optimized and set up. The Google business listing also referred to as your Business Profile, is a dynamic picture of your business that emphasizes your finest characteristics and allows potential clients to instantly locate, learn about, and connect with you but all from the SERP. What’s the greatest feature? It is entirely free.

Your listing also appears on Google Maps, displays user-generated reviews, and provides fast contact choices to reach your company. You can not only improve your Google position by having your profile optimized, but you can even greatly boost your conversions from your profile.

  • Appear on Google Maps

Before you create your profile, ensure that one hasn’t already been created for your firm operating on third-party data, such as online user reviews. Google will walk you through the process of creating your account. One critical step is to ensure that your company appears on Google Maps such that potential consumers can quickly locate your actual address. Consumers may use it for traveling directions in addition to just presenting the location of your company on a map. You may also use how much google my business traffic is increased through your listing using the insights provided for Google My Business.

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Verifying Your Google My Business Listing

You must verify the Google My Business profile. This is executed by postal mail, which can take up to 5-10 working days. It demonstrates to Google that you can run and also do, in fact, accurately represent the firm you claim.

Verifying your business is critical for the profile’s visibility and success. It is essential to understand that Google will not publish your business or its modifications until the business has been validated. Without authentication, you cannot get page insights/analytical data or company reviews from the back end. After confirming your listing, your firm will go online and will lead to an increase in Google My Business traffic.

  1. Make your listing pop

Write a brief, interesting description of your company, using keywords that internet searchers are expected to apply to define your industry, like “sports equipment” or else “pet supplies.” This will assist in an increase in Google My Business traffic and search results. Therefore include images and videos that best represent your company, its goods, its staff, or its consumers. Make sure to include all necessary information, such as your physical location, contact details, and business hours. The more detailed your listing, the more it will appear in Google search results and the more it will receive Google My Business traffic.

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  1. Respond to your reviews

The lifeblood of local search reviews. It’s an easy equation: positive reviews equals sales. More positive reviews equal more sales.

Customer reviews are an important statistic that Google considers when determining your Google My Business traffic and ranking in search results. However, this does not mean that unfavorable evaluations will always have a negative influence. They may be converted into an opportunity to make a good impression. It’s a little simpler in the event of favorable feedback. You can express your gratitude to them for their kind remarks. When you receive unfavorable feedback, though, responding is critical — and a really positive thing.

5. Let Customers Message You

It might be frustrating at times, but communications to and from consumers are only available via the Google My Business application. Users will be able to text message businesses from their Business Profiles after they have enabled the Message button. Messages can have personalized automatic answers to greet consumers when they receive messages. This improves responsiveness, Google My Business traffic, or business exposure since reaction times are reduced. However, quicker is preferable.

  1. Take advantage of extra features

After you’ve covered the fundamentals of your profile, look at what more GMB has to offer. It just introduced a new feature that allows service firms to show their service area. You may also use Google My Business Entries to advertise bargains, blog posts, or special events. Regular posting will improve the SEO of your website if you add relevant keywords, according to the head of THE-OOP.COM, a digital marketing business. These postings display on your GMB homepage in the same way as mini-ads or social network posts do. Shedden adds that you should link back to your website or social media sites in your articles to optimise their impact.

  1. Use Google Analytics

Also with your free profile, you’ll have access to Google Info, which will show you where your Google My Business traffic is flowing from and how people are discovering you. You can also track the reaction to individual articles, promotions, and calls to action to perfectly fine your marketing approach.

  1. Review your listing frequently

You’ll also get access to Google Information with your free profile, which will tell you where your Google My Business traffic is coming from and how people are finding you. You may also watch how people react to certain articles, promotions, and calls to action in order to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Add Posts to Share Business Updates

Google Posts

  • GMB, similar to social media, enables users to share weekly postings advertising your business, activities, goods, as well as other events of interest to your network.
  • To ensure better results, always adhere to the best practices for GMB Posts.
    1. Post Often: Google Posts are only available for seven days, therefore only submit one post each week. This allows you to maintain the customer’s knowledge graph in the GMB profile up to date at all times.
    2. Create Interesting Blog Posts
    3. Make a list of keywords that you wish to appear in the SERP rankings.
    4. Create a blog article with at least 1000 words and include the desired keyword in it.
    5. As quickly as your blog update is complete, make it live on your GMB Post.

When Publishing GMB Posts

    1. Use high-quality images in your postings at all times. Google suggests a maximum picture size of 750750 pixels. If required, preview and trim the image. Maintain its position in the middle. Loading anything less than 250X250 is not recommended.
    2. Stick to photos with no text because text tends to get chopped off on mobile screens.
    3. In GMB, write a brief introduction for each of our blog entries. You may write up to 300 characters in GMB Posts. The first 100 characters, though, are the most important since they are clearly displayed on the Knowledge Panel.
    4. Always include a call to action button in your content, like “Learn More” or “sign in.”


Que1: How do I track traffic on Google My Business?

Organic traffic that arrives at your website after tapping on your Google My Business local listing is now tracked in your Organic channel. In Google Analytics, just move to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels to observe this traffic. Tap on Organic, then select Source, in your Channel Report.

Que2: Is Google My Business Free?

Google My Business is a free and simple tool that allows businesses and organizations to maintain their digital presence throughout Google, such as Search and Maps. You can verify your firm and modify your business data to make it easier for people to find you and also to tell them your series of stories.

Que3: Is Google My Business worth it?

Yes, without a doubt… The SERP will provide enough information about a location because it can find based on a particular brand name or the searcher’s purpose, although it is up to companies to optimize and keep updating their portfolio.

Que4: I have some fake reviews about my business on my Google My Business listing. How can I get them removed?

Answer: If there are negative reviews that you may not appreciate or agree with, Google is unlikely to remove them. If the review does violate Google’s conditions and is genuinely fake, you should firstly respond in a polite way to the reviewer. This shows anyone who views the negative review and will think that you respect enough to at least address the dissatisfied “customer” directly.

Then, move to your Google My Business panel and flag the review. To begin, navigate to the particular review you would like to flag and select the three dots beside the review, followed by “Flag as Inappropriate.” It is more beneficial to flag a review within Google My Business than it will be to flag it through your web page.

Que5: Why should I post on Google My Business? What are the benefits?

Answer: As previously stated, Google My Business new posts enable you to promote your brand, goods, events, as well as offers for free, increase the reach to a larger audience, and increase your website visibility. So, here are the main advantages you should be knowledgeable about:

  • It strengthens your local SEO strategy or assists you in ranking higher in Google searches. That’s because your potential clients will have more faith in you if they have detailed information about your company and what it offers.
  • You can use GMB posts to raise brand awareness and find a way to keep your users up to date on business hours, special offers, and any new announcements. You can make it simple for them to follow you, schedule a meeting, or buy your products.
Que6: How to set up Google My Business for Local SEO?

Go to google.com/business to simply create a Google My Business profile. Your company’s location, along with GPS coordinates, is saved. Your business classifications are documented. When anyone tries to find your type of goods and services in your region, your company may be a relatively close match. This can be found on Google Search engine as well as google maps. Users can request directions directly from their mobile phones.

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