Stay Home Stay Safe: At Home Leisure Activities

August 20, 2021
Home leisure activities

During this hard time of pandemics and group distancing, it is important to learn to engage in healthy leisure activities. It is easy to get absorbed into Netflix, TV, online games, and social media but do you know what is more important? To take time for yourself away from the screen. Here we have a list of ideas to get engaged at home.

Limit your screen time
You should put a limit on your screen time for every hour of TV.
Try to involve in the activities away from the screen for an equal or larger amount of time.

Note: Some of these activities may involve the use of a device but it is being used in a way to aid in your self-care.

Here are a few leisure activities to interest in while staying at home during coronavirus:
​This is a surpassing way to quiet the mind. Playing calm music and coloring is an efficient form of meditating. It helps to stay present at the moment. There are plenty of printable coloring websites online. If you want to enjoy being at home with your children, Crayola has a bunch of resources and kid-friendly options!

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This is another entertaining, relaxation option. Besides that, it is great if you don’t have access to the coloring material at home. You need to have a pen and paper! Begin with the outline of a shape, object, animal, etc., afterward fill in the space between the lines with different patterns! Also if you make a mistake keep working. In the end, the mistakes make it pretty. You can check out Zentangle for more information, tips, and tricks!

Read Books
​Do you have a lot of books around that you have never opened? It’s time to read them. You can even join with friends via FaceTime or WhatsApp to start a virtual book club. If you have a Kindle, download something new from your local library. Bookbub is offering free sign-up and offers free and discounted books. If you have a visual impairment or like to listen more, you can download an audiobook from Audible. You can start a free trial or log in with your Amazon account!
Do a Puzzle
​You can pull out old puzzles that you’ve been meaning to work on! Puzzles help to keep your mind active by helping with visual scanning skills, problem-solving skills, and self-control. It is a great activity to do with your people to increase team building and communication skills.

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Listen to a Podcast
​This is an amazing way to catch up on any podcasts episodes or listen to that podcast that your friends have been gushing about. You can find various amazing podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and iHeart.

Play Word Games
​Keeping your mind sharp is important and it can be done by playing games. We know that these days we cannot socialize much but we can always leverage the internet.

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Learn Digital Marketing:
If you want to spend your time productively you can always learn some new skills that can pay you off later on. Digital marketing is one of the best skills to learn these days. Various YouTube Channels offer you a lot of content on digital marketing.

So, now among all these leisure activities options, you can choose whatever interests you the most. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

By Andrew

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