Why is Blogging still pertinent to your Digital Marketing Efforts?

July 29, 2021

Working in digital marketing comes with various assets in regards to boosting your creativity. Whether you are working in sales, PPC, or SEO, creativity is key to elaborating and developing your mind. Today, however, we are going to be diving into the deep end of SEO and tackling the deceitful whale that is blogging. Blogging is in accord with digital marketing is one that is sort of on and off – a bit like Ross and Rachel from Friends, sometimes it works abyss, sometimes it is an entourage wreck. The point is that in the end, everyone is happy. Right now, out there in the digital world, one of the main arguments is whether blogging still has a place or at least a competent place in today’s social media marketing environment. Some of the reasons which tell about the importance of blogging to your digital marketing efforts are such as –

Writing drives traffic to your website

One of the best things about having a company blog is that you are fully in control of what you want people to see, or more categorically, read. Having a blog acquiesces you the personal benefit to create relevant content for your customers. There are many different ways to “sell” your writing online but all you need to be apprehensive about is driving that traffic! Your style of writing is arguably the most asset weapon you have in the digital world. It is the sword to your armor. Armour is a safety net, it is PPC, it is AdWords, and it is sales, things that ensure rules and patterns. Writing, however, does not ensure any pattern, it is entirely subjective. Writing is your sword, sharpen it, blunt it, swap it for a giant mace, do whatever you require to smash your reader’s minds with quality content. 

Your blog should be the focus of all your social media platforms and the importance of blogging. If, like many other businesses you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you have to be wise to employ these platforms to bolster your blogs. This can be done by posting consistent images or visuals of your articles or generally by giving your social followers a reason to who want to click through and read more! Additionally, it is a wise idea to post inbound links directly into your articles. This is a neat idea because people may hit those links to continue reading an article. It may lead them onto another part of the website where conversion may be made. 

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Keep your business current and in context

Importance of blogging is a way to keep your business’s profit current without amending your entire website. For example, say you sell products for rodeo teams. On your static website, you have web pages showing those products and probably other pages that talk about your company’s background with rodeo supply, but would you necessarily have a webpage about how to throw a lasso? Would you be able to have a page that ranks the top competitors in your region’s rodeo semi-finals? Probably not. You can write blog posts or articles about these topics, and people will read them because they are fresh and current. 

A blog allows you to respond to recent events and showcase your offerings in ways that highlight how those offerings serve the needs customers have right now. You can also show the evolution of your business and call attention to product updates or new events.

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A blog can entice new customers 

Importance of blogging and posting relevant content is a handy tool for increasing traffic to your website or services. With SEO strategies such as keywords, headlines, and meta-descriptions, blog posts can be a compelling tool for increasing brand acknowledgment. Every time you acknowledge a new blog, a new page will be added to your website. This is very useful for SEO as it gives Google and other search engines a reason to crawl your website and index new content. Of course, if you regularly blog about your business, product, or service, you will get amassed keywords. Pay attention to the keywords you use as it increases the results. 

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Use that traffic to catechumen visitors to leads 

When you captivate new visitors to your website this creates a new opportunity to accomplish leads. This is where your call-to-action (CTA) buttons come inaccessible. A CTA is a way of administering your website visitors through your website. To keep them engaged on your website, guide them through their journey from awareness to purchase. A good CTA’s include services such as find out more, download, discounts, free offers, options to subscribe to your mailing list, etc. You can also use the CTA button on a blog post to move the visitors along to another relevant blog topic on your website. It can even convert them to a relevant page on your website that illustrates your services. 

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Add personality and engagement 

Blogging is a part of the social media landscape with one clear recognition. Your blog posts live outside major social media platforms on a website owned by you. You can post a teaser on Instagram that leads to a blog with more details analogous to that post. And if you have comments enabled, your website can be a website for conversation and personal connection with visitors. Blog posts are also incredibly shareable and can allow customers to pass along an interesting post to other conceivable leads. That is digital marketing gold! A blog might let an otherwise formal and confined business let its hair down a little. It could show your disillusioned taste or might give you a chance to talk about partner businesses and brands that are similar to the identity you are building for yourself. Blogs are a malleable and broadly applicable digital marketing tool.  


These are some of the reasons which tell about the importance of blogging to your digital marketing efforts. At Antigua Web Solutions, we devise content of all kinds including blog posts. We can determine where blogs fit into your overall digital marketing strategy and develop a calendar that coordinates all your digital marketing efforts from social media posts, to websites, to emails, to blogs. So, if you need any help, feel free to Contact Us today at our email id i.e. [email protected].

By Andrew

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