Types of Instagram Ads and their working

Instagram Ads

Instagram has finally exceeded one billion users. This means that if you can get your Instagram Ad campaign just legitimate. You can easily advance your lead generation and increase your revenue. The reason why Instagram Ads campaigns are so successful is not just about pretty pictures. For your Ads to be successful, there are a few other things you need to get exactly right once you have got your image or video sorted.

Various types of Instagram Ads

The various types of Instagram Ads areas –

. Photo Ads

These are the most common type of Ads on Instagram. Since photo sharing is one of the most outstanding features of the platform. The photo-sharing option was once only a means for Instagram account holders to share pictures of their preferences with people that they had followed or connected with through Instagram. The scenario has changed, and people are using photos to boost products, services, brands, events, and much more. Photo Ads require content that is admissible to whatever is being promoted, creative captions that give the audience more information about the product/service, tags of the brand and people involved, and the relevant hashtags so that the intended audience can search their way to the post faster. 

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. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads are an option feasible for business accounts on Instagram. And endeavor the brand to bolster its posts through paid Ads. These Ads pop up on the target audience’s home feed, with a direct link to either a website, e-store or back to the profile of the brand. This endeavors the brand to directly sell their product/service to the TG and consequently increase reach and following. These Ads are also a great way to advertise contests and giveaways that the brand wants to see increased participation in. Increasing engagement is also quite essential, and sponsored Ads assist with directing the audience toward the business profile.

. Mapped–Guided Ads

This type of Ad has not been employed by too many brands, but BMW recently used it to give their audience a “customize your car” option. This essentially uses the tagging option to direct the audience from one page to another, based on the customization choice they opt for. The result of this is a picture of the car they should go for based on their preferences. And from therein they can contact BMW directly and take things forward. It is a pretty innovative way to use tags to forthright the audience through a series of posts, whilst also keeping them interested and engaged. A mapped Ad would substantially work well for a product-based brand and also increase the click rate they receive. Setting up a mapped Ad can be marginally tricky and also time taking. But it is sure to grab the attention of people.

. Story Ads

Instagram stories are a hit feature on Instagram and nearly 80% of the active users on Instagram posts stories at least 2-3 times a week. There is also a major chunk of users who post stories regularly, which means there is a lot of traffic being authored through stories. Story Ads pop up typically while a user is switching between the stories of two different accounts. These Ads are backlinked with a “swipe up” option, which edges back either to the brand’s profile or to their website. This is an enormous way to redirect users to a brand’s page and content. Story Ads appear only for a few seconds before the next story appears, and once gone they can’t be revisited. This is seemingly the only drawback of the option. 

. Video Ads

Many brands today create video Ads specifically for digital media because the viewer rate is much higher than in other mediums. Instagram customarily acquiesces 30-60 second videos to be posted. So brands alter their video content subsequently and either post-full-fledged Ads or teasers to the actual Ad. Video Ads that are creative and fascinating work well because a receiving audience is a large number, and views can triple in a matter of minutes if the promotion is done right. 

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Working on Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are paid content that emerges in newsfeeds and stories. Instagram Ads are targeted toward people most likely to engross in your products or services. People identify Instagram Ads based on their demographic data, as well as their interests. These Ads are meant to blend in seamlessly to the point where users barely remember them as Ads. There are two indications of content being a paid advertisement for the website. The first sign is the word “sponsored” drafted under the company’s name. The second sign is the call-to-action (CTA) that emerges at the bottom of the picture. These typically have phrases like “shop now” or “learn more” reckoning upon the campaign’s goal.

How much do Instagram Ads cost?

On average, Instagram advertising will cost you in-between $0.20 to $6.70, depending on the bidding model. For CPC or cost-per-click, advertisers need to pay $0.20 to $2 per click. For CPM or cost-per-impressions, advertisers need to pay $6.70 per 1000 impressions for a website. 


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