A Guide to LinkedIn Text Ads

February 10, 2021
LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn text ads have always been a part of the platform since it started offering ads. However, they are not as utilized due to the visibility of sponsored content ads. Text ads are ads placed on LinkedIn and offer a short headline along with a description. The ads are located in different areas on the homepage. These ads are different from sponsored content ads because they are only on desktops. However, keep in mind that LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content Ads are still top priority if you want to increase conversions and they have a limited budget. It is recommended that your ad text ads get more volume from the audiences that do well with sponsored content. It is not recommended, however, if you have never run a LinkedIn ad before. This can be especially difficult if you don’t already have an audience.

Bid Type

When using text ads campaigns, you can bid maximum CPC or maximum CPM. Unfortunately, your ads can’t be optimized for conversions. We suggest that you use CPC instead of CPM since the click-through rates are lower for text ads that you only want to be charged for when clicked.


Like most other sponsored content campaigns, you can set a daily budget or a lifetime budget. We suggest that you start with a low daily budget and compare it to a campaign that you are testing with a higher daily budget. Approximately 10-20% is recommended to start with.

Conversion Tracking

If you are already using conversion tracking for sponsored content campaigns, it can also be used for text ads. You should have your attribution settings set on a 30-day click with a 1-day view. Text ads offer a lot of impressions in comparison to sponsored content. When there is a larger viewing window, you receive more conversions simply due to the increased impressions.

Copy and Images

Text ads have two sections, the headline, and ad description. The headline is limited to 25 characters and the description is limited to 75 characters. Be very precise about what the viewer is receiving when writing the headline. They shouldn’t have to try to guess about what you’re offering them. When writing the headline, you want to show the viewer what they will get by clicking on the and the description should describe going into more depth about the content found on the landing page.

The size image that is recommended is a small 100×100 size image. This is the one that will primarily be used for the company logo.

Recommended Audience

LinkedIn recommends that the first testing that you perform is that of your highest performing audience and compare them to the other ads that you are using. This works best if you already have a capped audience.

When trying to leverage your LinkedIn account you are not left in the dark, as LinkedIn offers strategy assistance to those who would like to receive it. Put yourself in a position to succeed.

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