A comparison between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram marketing

August 03, 2021
Digital Marketing

LinkedIn vs Facebook marketing: Social media is no longer only consistent for personal usage. It has become the eventual source for businesses to increase their audience and revenue. Social media is good for business, but to get the most out of all the platforms, you require to know which content would be suitable for which one. The content type and its format vary because of the structure of social media and the audience that benefits it.

What is the difference between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram marketing?


LinkedIn is a social networking website that is designed categorically for the business community. The goal of the website is to connect business professionals to other registered members to authorize networks of people they know professionally. A website blusters 90 million senior-level influencer users out of its total base of 675 million users. LinkedIn has conceived a reputation for itself as a professional recruitment network. From business owners and employers to aspiring applicants, people around the world have adapted to the idea of sharing LinkedIn profiles as an allotment to move forward in the hiring process.

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What content endeavors best on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn vs Facebook marketing: LinkedIn comes with plenty of features to benefit you, grow your brand, authorize yourself as an industry thought leader, and attract leads straight to your inbox. LinkedIn lets anyone publish thought pieces on industry news, and you can even create a company page on this to keep your followers up to date with news and job openings. When it comes to what type of content executes best, images and videos come out on the top. Images customarily get a 98% higher comment rate, while the YouTube videos play directly in the feed, encourage share rates by 75%. 


Facebook is a social media networking website that allows cataloged users to initiate Facebook profiles, upload photos, and videos, send messages and keep in communication with their friends, family, and colleagues on this social media platform. Key terms you will hear when employing Facebook include Like, Comment, Status Update, Friend Request, Timeline, Cover Photo, and Profile Picture. Facebook started as a tool that acquiesces to communicating and sharing lifestyle and personal updates between communities, groups, and individuals but extended its branches to advertising, creative hubs, etc. to reel in an assortment of business owners irrespective of their scale of business.

What content endeavors best on Facebook?

Facebook’s most authoritative features for brands are – Groups and Business Pages. Both are absurd for sharing content and creating an engaged community. On your Facebook page, you can share news, events, photos, videos, and poll your audience. But the piece of content that implements best on Facebook is video. According to the report, Buzz Sumo scrutinizes over 60 million posts and found videos get more engagement than images and links. After videos, blog posts, and curated content are next in line for sharing content on Facebook.


Instagram is a social networking website, owned by Facebook that concentrates on showcasing photos and short videos. Key terms you will hear when employing Instagram include Like, Comment, Profile Picture, and Story. Users can determine to follow users or business profiles. More than half of Instagram’s 1 billion users are between the age group of 18-29. If your brand’s demographics fall between those ages and you accord a visual product or service, start curating a show-stopping feed! The app has a massive global presence, making it engaging for international brands and influencers alike. 

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What content endeavors best on Instagram?

Visual content such as photos and videos are the way to go on Instagram. From in-feed posts to features like Reels, Lives, IGTV, and Stories, the app gives you plenty of ways to connect visually with your audience. User-generated content is also big on Instagram. It is powerful social proof that makes selling your product or service that effortless. 

Difference between LinkedIn vs. Facebook marketing?

For a company looking to maximize their imperative and limited time, Facebook marketing is the clear winner. However, if you are a business owner contemplating connecting person-to-person, then we still endorse LinkedIn first despite the hype, it generates much better B2B leads. The truth is that your B2B marketing plan should benefit both to capture different people in different ways. If you are contemplating optimizing your social media strategy, it may be helpful to engage a marketing agency. Doing social media well requires a clear and persistent strategy as well as a significant investment of time.

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Wrapping Up

LinkedIn vs Facebook marketing: Social advertising can be an imperative element of your social media plan. Starting with as little as a $30 budget, you can run small-scale experiments and assess results for your B2B business. Advertising on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can assist your B2B business. Whether you require to amplify followers, gain conference sign-ups, or generate white paper downloads on these social media platforms.

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