Various Marketing tools and their usage

January 26, 2022
Marketing tools

Marketing tools are the tools that marketing specialists use to create, enhance and bolster their products and services. Most companies prefer email marketing, advertising, targeting, research of the market, collecting data, etc. This all makes it possible to advertise the product and bust sales. Every company has a list of various tools that are culpable for various strategies and aims. As there are many tools for marketing. It is crucial to understand what can work for your campaign and which aims you follow. 

Various free marketing tools

Some of the free marketing tools that can benefit you maximize your resources and do more for your goals are such as –

. Audience Research – Typeform

In marketing, you have to know your audience. It is good for marketers to be correlative with their sales and client service teams to hear what questions, objections, concerns, and successes are popping up in their interactions with prospects and customers. Another great way to gain insights is to just ask your audience directly.  

. Content strategy – Content strategy checklist

Marketing is constantly changing, and one of the finest ways to keep up with content marketing trends while staying accountable to your goals is through a documented strategy. According to a survey, 62% of the most successful B2B marketers and 59% of their peers on the B2C side say that they have a documented content strategy. An interactive strategy checklist endeavors marketers to create a custom, actionable plan for their content. One that outlines goals, tactics, and metrics for measuring performance to benefit holds your team and your content accountable.

. Better content writing – Grammarly 

Few things are as off-putting to your audience as badly written content you did not bother to review. When you are trying to get people to trust you and become your customers or brand advocates, blatant spelling mistakes and grammar issues can be a huge barrier. Grammarly can assist you to avoid these crucial mistakes. You can use this tool as a browser extension to review the copy you are writing online. Or you can download it to use if you are writing in the Microsoft Office program.

. Press Opportunities – HARO

HARO or Help a Reporter Out was created to connect journalists and sources of various news stories. This can useful for much more than just seeking out the occasional quote. When you are subscribed as a source, you will receive emails with requests for expert sources within specific industries. Replying to these requests and sharing your expertise can acquiesce you to build relationships with various journalists and reporters, contribute to reputable publications, and establish your brand as a leader in your space.

. Topic Inspiration – BuzzSumo               

While HARO might be one of the outstanding places to search for timely content and PR opportunities. BuzzSumo is the place to search for the topics that are already performing well which can be helpful to inspire new ideas and angles of your own. This may show you the most trending content by topic, industry, publication, and so on. Just search this, and BuzzSumo shows you what is getting engagement. Apart from this, you can also see what kinds of topics work on what platform and tailor your content for specific audiences.

. Headline Optimization – CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are what pull readers into your content from social media, search engine page Ads, email newsletters, etc. If your headlines do not draw your readers in, you may as well not even write content at all. This tool helps you to analyze potential headlines, giving you a score and showing you what it looks like on a search engine result page. Apart from this, it analyzes the length, tone, and SEO readiness, plus you can use it an unlimited number of times, so you can craft just the right audience.

Wrap Up

Tools are useful in carrying out effective digital marketing and benefit an individual in managing projects easily. The above marketing tools can benefit you to become a better marketer and ease the implementation of lead generation techniques. Apart from that, if you want to gain more understanding of various aspects of digital marketing. 

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