What Marketers need to Know about Clubhouse?

August 09, 2021
Digital marketing

Product research on social media: The measure at which the social media landscape is emerging makes it difficult even for experienced social media marketers to keep a measure of it. We produce research on social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter rise to heights of acclaim after slowly losing ground against various social media networks such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. Platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram employ to top the list of best photo-sharing social networks. You might be wondering where the world of social media would go from here. The answer to this is Clubhouse. The clubhouse and digital marketing is the latest inclusion to the long list of social media platforms. 

What do you mean by Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is invite-only audio-based product research on social media app that accredits users to communicate and chat with other people in real-time. Users can share stories, ideas and conspire with one another by using their voices. The clubhouse makes all this possible by accrediting its users to create and host chat rooms. They can also invite others to join their chat rooms.

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How does Clubhouse work?

The setup of Clubhouse is a perpetual choice of “rooms” that action like conference calls or hearkening back even before that like party lines. You asset out about rooms based on whom you follow, and the interest you determine. If you set up your phone to acquiesce push notifications, you will get a notification when someone you follow has scheduled a room or is inviting you to join. Also, when you log onto the app, there is a little icon for updates, and in there you will find scheduled upcoming rooms that you may require to join. Finally, if you are just browsing, you can go from the main page to analyze and browse other rooms. 

Types of Clubhouse Users

Clubhouse users can be classified in three different categories according to their roles such as –


product research on social media. When you insist on stage as a speaker, you have the right to mute and unmute your microphone.


As a new user who has latterly joined the platform, you will have the access rights of a listener. At that point, you can only quietly listen to conversations but are not acquiesce to mute and unmute the microphone.


You can actuate yourself to moderator status in two ways such as – you can conceive a new chat room or request the current moderator to bolster you from speaker to moderator status. Once you amass the moderator status, you can perform the following actions such as –

. Enable and disable audience member’s competence to raise their hands

. Mute other speakers

. Encourage people from the audience on stage to speak

. Accept or decline speaking appeal from your audience

. Advertise other speakers to moderator status product research on social media.

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What accomplish it to stand out from other social media apps?

Instead of concentrating on text and images like every major product research on the social media platforms, Clubhouse concentrates solely on the audio experience. This is the first time that a social media app does not base its content on appearance, there are no faces, no pictures, no videos, no private messaging, and no written comments. The app relies on the only thing that is left i.e. voice. Another interesting aspect of the app is its UI, which is astonishingly simple, if not even basic. The logic behind this could be a lack of initial funds to build the app. But with the app attaining more users day by day, things might change, and perhaps the developers will take account of a more branded UI.  

One feature that accomplishes Clubhouse stands out from other audio-based platforms is the fact that you can diminish the app to check into other apps without losing your place in the chat rooms, you can analyze your email, pursue a speaker on another platform, or reply to message on different channels without missing a word of the conversation. In an era where product research on social media has to metamorphose the “fast food” of online content, Clubhouse takes a completely different buzz. 

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Is it worth perceptive about Clubhouse? Yes. It may well metamorphose the replacement to podcasts in the same way that TikTok is replacing YouTube. Is it worth passionately being on the right way? To some extent, probably. It is compelling, and it aids to address the sense of disconnect that so many of us have struggled with over nine months of stay-at-home orders and remote work. If you can harmonize a small group of colleagues from outside the app to join you in a room, now is a great time to experiment with hosting a discussion. Everyone is in experimental mode, so people are forgiving if the programming is not smooth and recite. With the level of interest, funding, and waitlisted would-be users that Clubhouse and digital marketing has, its abeyant seems big enough to merit any marketers or brand owner to at least have a peek around. As you know that product research on social media helps in enhancing your business. 

By Andrew

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