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How can our team help you in PSD to XHTML Conversion Services in New York? With stunning Web Design, We at Antigua Web Solution attract the best customers.

PSD to XHTML is one of the best and most popular methods among web designers. When our designers come up with the innovative and creative ideas of the well-crafted website’s layout created on Adobe Photoshop which then further turns it into the equally perfect HTML or the XHTML code so as to require an alluring website. Our whole team of designers perform competent coding, detailed research and also adhere to strict HTML/XHTML mark-up standards. We help our customers in creating the best website.

Smooth Conversion: Our HTML designer team assures that the design is converted into responsive HTML code without a hitch.

Increase the speed of the website: We use compressed images, videos, and codes so as to increase the speed of the website and give them a better user experience.

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    Pixel Perfect

    We have good expertise to provide a good PSD Design warrants mark-up of the same level by creating amazing HTML websites.

    Key Benefits

    Dynamic Website: The layout of the PSD is designed with many functionalities and the HTML mark-up that allows only these functions to come to life and also improve them.

    W3C Certified: To pass the W3C Parameters, all the codes are exceptionally crafted and guaranteed, so as to get the best ranking in the search engine.

    Compatible with multiple browsers: When you convert your website from PSD to HTML they are light and are likely to load more quickly on the major browsers. Such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

    User Experience: We assure you more visitors to your website through the optimal coding and the great design that have an optimum experience.

    Cost-Effective: When you get the PSD to XHTML conversion. It will save you a lot of money as compared to web development and design.

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    What Services We Provide?

    • Converting Design to HTML
    • Responsive Designs
    • Competent Coding
    • Testing
    • Quality Check

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    Q1. Is PSD to XHTML conversion best among all the conversions? 

    Yes, PSD to XHTML is the most well-known conversion in web conversion services.

    Q2. Can you make a static website through PSD to XHTML conversion or dynamic too? 

    Generally, PSD to XHTML conversion is utilized for making a static site. However, we additionally make a powerful site by utilizing CMS incorporation during the conversion.

    Q3. Is my project secure from hackers? 

    Yes, we utilize the most recent strategies and thoughts to make your site-related documents and significant data safer and protected from outcasts criminals.

    Q4. Should I hire a designer or make changes myself in my project? And why? 

    You need to recruit an experienced developer to roll out any improvement in your project, because the developer can undoubtedly perceive the center issues and resolve them immediately, even without meddling in the entire coding. They know PSD to XHTML conversion and perform it in a superior manner.

    Q5. Is there any turnaround time for PSD to XHTML conversion? 

    No, there is not a particular turnaround time for PSD to XHTML conversion. We work on pages, so for the primary page, it might take around 16hrs. Also, for the internal page, it might take 12hrs each.

    Q6. What are the ways to speak with you? 

    You can get in touch with us through Email, Chat or Call, identify with any questions, be it looking at the situation with your project or others.

    Q7. For what reason, I should convert to XHTML from PSD? 

    HTML is considered as the structure block of a site and change from PSD to XHTML is needed to make the pages more open to World Wide Web.

    Q8. Why PSD to XHTML? 

    XHTML is the high-level form of HTML. Just inbuilt labels are accessible in HTML for creating sites though in XHTML client characterized labels can likewise be utilized alongside the inbuilt labels to foster sites with complete components. 

    Q9. Will document writing work in XHTML? 

    No, it will not. How XML is characterized, won’t permit such deceives to be finished. Still, you can have similar impacts, yet you need to do it utilizing the DOM to add and delete elements.

    Q10. For what reason should I utilize XHTML? 

    XHTML takes on true XML standard sentence structure and it is a cutting-edge innovation with many features. The XHTML family is planned with general client specialist interoperability like cell phones, internet browser programming, and so forth.