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January 19, 2022
social media apps

Social media apps have seen a surge in insistence since last year’s pandemic began. With people locked down in their houses, Social media applications and tools have become the sole means of conversation between businesses and clients. The recent boost in interest in social media applications has also paved the way for new social media apps to search for themselves in the global spotlight. With that in mind, a social media strategy based on Facebook and Instagram alone would be an inadequate one. 

Various types of social media apps

Categorizing the myriad of social media apps feasible today into groups based on their purpose and the intended audience is a great exercise to distill your social media app idea further. Some of the various types of new social media apps that one uses are such as –

. Social Networking App

Social networking apps are social media platforms created to associate with people online. One can use these social networking apps for personal networking like Facebook, for professional social networks like LinkedIn, or to date like Tinder. For social networking apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn. All content forms work great and are designed for people to entice with the content through sharing, comments, and reactions. Such social networking apps acquiesce people to enlist and build networks with other people with similar interests, for instance, groups, trends, liking pages, etc. 

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. Photo Sharing Apps

Photo Sharing Apps are social media apps categorically for sharing photo content. Instagram and Snapchat are of the two leading photo-sharing social media apps. Since these apps are for photo sharing, their features and design flow is regulated around them. For instance, Instagram’s double-tap-like feature, photo editing and filter feature on Snapchat and Instagram, or the grid layout for Instagram. 

. Video-Sharing Apps

YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo are the most prominent examples of video-sharing social media apps. These social media apps are created for video hosting, viewing, and sharing. Their noticeable features such as channels, subscriptions, playlists, likes, and comments acquiesce users to view and enlist with video content of their interests and customize their feed. 

. Blogging and Publishing Apps

Blogging and publishing apps such as WordPress and Medium are social media platforms built for people who like “blogging”. Such apps acquiesce people to write content share it with the world and build their network of readers and followers. These apps are also an essential part of the content marketing strategy for businesses so they write and spread the word about their products and services. 

. Collaborative Economy Networks

Collaborative economy networks also acknowledged as “shared economy” networks are social media platforms to find, buy, sell, share, and advertise products and services. If you have a product or service, for instance, a bed-and-breakfast, a niche network platform such as Airbnb can assist you to reach the target audience for your business. 

Various features of new social media apps

Some of the most compelling features of new social media apps are such as –

. Integration with the existing social media 

To start with, you should administer an easy and beneficial way to access your product. In this case, registration with other social media accounts might speed up the proceeding. Most of your users are already using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and applying this feature will acquiesce your users to sign up with your app in less than 2 seconds. The competence to import user data and contacts from other networks is also a good way to boost the number of your app users. 

. Personal profile

Personal accounts are very decisive for every social media app. They benefit your users by identifying themselves and improving the credibility of the content they share. This might be a simple profile with a picture, username, and a short bio. Or it could contain more precise information about the user, such as interests, preferences, location, number of followers or friends, and recent activity.

. Interaction between the users and content

To create engagement within your app. You require to acquiesce your users to interact with the published content such as like, comment, repost it, or reply to it. This benefits an individual to create a community within your application and keeps your users engaged. 

. Alerts and notifications 

Alerts notify users about the activity on their app and galvanize them to come back and take a look at any new updates. People must be able to select which notifications they want to receive and unsubscribe from the alerts if mandatory.

. Analytics

The analytics modules spot principally network admins, to benefit them understand their audience and tweak marketing campaigns to reach better outcomes.

. Connections

The competence to “friend” or “follow” other users is what makes your product a social media app. To become friends, the users need to approve this action, while following is customarily a one-way process. The users can associate based on their interests, groups they belong to, or their location. Some apps even endeavor you the ability to add your friends from various other connected networks.  

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. CMS Features

Network admins will also require a set of features for user and content management. They should be able to administer registrations, review reported entries, and filter users and content, if needed.

Wrap Up

Social media will not be out of trend any time soon. The current trends are prone to change as we get into a new communication era. The recent trends affirm that we will see more video and audio content than images and texts in the future. As there is no exact date for the end of this Covid-19 pandemic, adjusting your business and your social media strategy to the new normal seem only essential. 

By Andrew

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