How many people use Tik Tok?

January 20, 2022
tiktok for business

TikTok for business: Are you inquisitive about how many people use Tik Tok and how to become TikTok famous? In this article, we have shared some useful information about this. Apart from this, we will give you a rundown of what happens when you become a creator in TikTok. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has skyrocketed to becoming hands-down one of the trendiest and most favored social media platforms. TikTok has an incomparable reach and appeals to teenagers. Becoming TikTok influential is an aspiration shared by probably hundreds of millions of people around the world. 

How many people can use the TikTok app?

TikTok for business: Saying TikTok is a prominent app and platform is a massive understatement, and it does not seem to matter which acclaim measurement is used. TikTok is a hugely famous app, but just how many people use Tik Tok? Although TikTok is a much newer network as correlated to many other social media services, it has quickly built up a loyal and enthusiastic user base. This is to the point where downloads are communicated about in terms of billions and active users in the hundreds of millions. 

Back in May 2020, TikTok passed the two billion download marker, making it one of only a few apps to have accomplished the dizzy heights. However, downloads apply to various devices in general and as individual people have access to more than one device, that is not a real depiction of just how many use the platform. According to the stats of Statista, there are more than 21 million daily active users on iOS and over 12 million daily active users on Android. These are just the daily numbers, with indications last year denoting around 800 million monthly active users overall. 

How one can use TikTok as a brand?

If you are enthusiastic to access TikTok’s impressive audience, you have a few options. TikTok opens its doors to businesses via three main avenues such as –

. User-Generated Content

Business channels acquiesce companies to upload their own TikTok and cooperate with other users, the same way an individual would. Funny, creative, and compelling content is principally likely to gain traction among younger audiences who tend to dictate in-app trends. TikTok is the accomplished space to shape a professional online brand, where your business can create videos that can highlight your style, humor, aesthetics, and values. To start, you will need to have a business TikTok account. This account may open doors to professional resources such as –

. Performance and audience data

. TikTok business content guide

. A commercial, royalty-free music library

Web business lodging with data and content tips

Whether on the searchable Discovery page or scrolling for your feed, users receive specifically curated TikTok content. Every like, share, comment, and action notify the TikTok algorithm for each user. tiktok for business

. Influencer Marketing

Unlike Instagram or YouTube, TikTok overture businesses the chance to partner with influencers – content creators with established followings. On TikTok, businesses can select influencers on the Creator Marketplace, an exclusive database that holds important information on the app’s certified creators. When culling an influencer, consider the creator –

. Channel content

. Total following

Audience demographics

. Relevance

The right influencer sharing the right content can unmask your company to a target audience and substantially boost business.

. TikTok Advertising

TikTok for business: As the newest advertising opportunity, TikTok direct Ads show inconceivable promise. Among 25,000 TikTok users, 67% agreed that the app’s Ads capture their attention, giving them a 10% lead as compared to any other social media platform. Additionally, 72% of viewers agreed that TikTok Ads were encouraging. Not only are users watching Ads, but they are also enjoying them. The outstanding part of TikTok Ads is that they are astonishingly targeted. The platform’s Ad Group function lets businesses push their campaigns towards specific user demographics such as –

Placement (or location)

. Gender and age bracket

. Interest category

. Language etc.

Once you have established an Ad Group, you can run single or multiple Ads based on in-depth demographic information. The four main types of Advertisements that TikTok overture are as –

. In-feed Ads – Just like Instagram Ads, in-feed Ads pop up in the middle of a TikTok user For You scroll. Companies often create short, trendy, and snappy videos for 0n-feed Ads, since they must immediately entice the viewer. 

. Branded Hashtag Challenges – Appearing on the Discover page, branded hashtags are a TikTok exclusive convenience. If your company hopes to gleam a viral trend, you can challenge followers to make videos with a branded hashtag related to your business. 

. Branded Effects – Filters are prominent camera effects for creators to use, especially in a “selfie” fashion among Gen Zers. Just like branded hashtags, custom filters are an enormous way for businesses to attract users to cooperate with their brand. 

. Brand Takeover Ads – If you open the TikTok app you instantly see an advertisement video that is a TopView Ad. This method constitutes unavoidable Ads with serious engagement potential, often containing clickable links and hashtags. 

Wrap Up

TikTok for business: How many people use Tik Tok? Whichever way it is measured or lines are drawn, the one astounding and consistent theme is that TikTok is a hit app and one that is used by millions of people every day. TikTok remains a preeminent force in not only the social media market but also in apps in general. 

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