Advertising Agencies – Meaning, its Role, and Types of Agencies

January 29, 2022
Ad Agency

An Ad agency is just like a tailor. Well, It makes the ads, plans how, when, and where they should be delivered, and hands them over to the client. After that, Advertising agencies are especially not dependent on any organizations.

Now, these agencies take all the actions for selling the product to the clients. In this there is a group of people experts in their particular fields, thus helping the companies or organizations to reach their target customers easily and simply.

That agency is usually referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency. It is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. Sometimes ad agency is normally independent of the client. It may be an internal department or agency that provides an outside point of view to the effort of dealing with the client’s products or services, or an outside firm. With the help of an Ad agency, you can also handle overall marketing and branding strategies promotions. After that, you can promote for its clients, which may include sales as well.

Role of Advertising Agencies

  1. Firstly, creating advertising based on information collected about the product
  2. Researching the company and the product and reactions of the customers.
  3. After that, plan for the type of media to be used, when and where to be used, and for how much time to be used.
  4. Accepting the feedback from the clients as well as the customers and then deciding the further line of action

Well, all companies can do this work by themselves. Moreover, they can make ads, print, or advertise them on televisions or other media places. With this Ad agency, they can manage the accounts also. The question is why do they need advertising agencies? Well, the causes behind hiring the advertising agencies by the companies are:

  • The first reason is that the agencies are experts in this field. Even they have a team of different people for different functions like copywriters, art directors, planners, etc. So that they can easily handle all these things of your company. 
  • Sometimes agencies make optimum use of these people, their experience, and their knowledge. 
  • After that, they work with an objective and are very professional.
  • Engaging them leads to saving the costs up to some extent.

In an Ad agency, there are 5 types of advertising agencies.

Full-service Agencies

  • In full-service agencies, there are Large size agencies.
  • They can deal with all stages of advertisement.
  • There are different expert people for different departments.
  • After that, They are starts work by collecting data and analyzing and end with payment of bills to the media people.

Interactive Agencies

  • This agency, they are using updated modes of communication.
  • They use online advertisements, send personal messages on mobile phones, etc.
  • With this ad produced they are very interactive, have very new concepts, and are very innovative.

Creative Boutiques

  • It is a very creative and innovative ad.
  • In this, no other function is performed other than creating actual ads.
  • They are small-sized agencies with their own copywriters, directors, and creative people.

Media Buying Agencies

  • Purchases place for advertising and sell it to the advertisers.
  • They Sell the time in which the advertisement will be placed.
  • Besides that, The Schedules slots on different television channels and radio stations.
  • And then, finally, supervise or check whether the ad has been telecasted at opted time and place or not.

In-House Agencies

  • It is good as a full-service agency.
  • The big organization prefers these types of agencies which are inbuilt and work only for them.
  • In case that, these agencies work as per the requirements of the organizations.

Well, there are some specialized agencies which work for some special advertisements. There are some types of agencies that need people of special knowledge in that field.


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