4 Best CRM tools of 2022 for the IT industry

February 01, 2022
Best CRM

Customer Relation Management (CRM) can be defined as a formulated approach for developing, administering, and maintaining a profitable relationship with customers. Best CRM tools is all about the system of tracking and inquisitive about every interaction and communication we have with our customers and clients. CRM endeavor the organization with a central pool, which assures integrity, security, and scaling of customer interactions. All the customers should be registered in the database of the CRM tool with some fields to determine their uniqueness so that the organization can connect with them when recommended. 

How one can get the best CRM Tools?

Now that you have done some foundational thinking. You can glance at the features that make a top CRM Solution the best CRM tools for you such as –

. Integration with your data and process

This is one of the key features that will make some solutions stand out from others. Some CRM solutions work with, and even within, the email and productivity applications you earlier use. So they engage in the context of your existing workflows, requiring little training. Integrated solutions save time by eradicating repetitive data entry in multiple systems. An integrated solution associated with all of your current data. These solutions administer a complete picture of customer relationships and one source of data truth for decision making.

. Intelligent automation

Every CRM process can be integrated and accelerated with intelligent automation. This would not be helpful if –

. Sellers could spend more time building relationships and less time considering them. Knowing that their CRM system would automatically immediate them with intelligent next actions?

. Marketing campaigns could be automated and brought about in coordination with sales processes?

. Virtual agents and chatbots could handle routine inquiries, leaving your agents more time to give exceptional customer service?

. Maintenance can automatically be anticipated at regular intervals. Or even triggered through remote Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring for conditions that need intervention?

. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A huge bonus of fully interconnected data is the competence to analyze it using AI. Patterns that might take you months to observe, are quickly apparent to AI. So you can extract insights across your business for data-driven decision making. Because your data is one of your biggest competitive assets and taking full asset of it stimulates success.

Top CRMs of 2022

Some of the top CRMs of 2022 are such as –

. Agile 

Featuring a robust feature set and considerable automation capabilities, Agile CRM is decidedly one of the best CRM systems for all kinds of small businesses. The smarter plan of Agile is priced at a competitive $8.99 per month for each user and endeavors numerous goodies for both sales and marketing teams. You can store details about 10,000 companies or contacts, and there is support for tracking e-mails, lead scoring, and custom deal milestones. For the marketing teams, Agile CRM endeavor builder tools for various services, such as forms, e-mail templates, and website landing pages. Apart from this, there is also the ability to automate marketing tasks and monitor social media. The services performed include everything from canned responses to reports, and the functionality can be further embellished via plugins. 

. HubSpot

Just because your business can shaft only a few customers right now, does not mean it is going to always stay that way. Growth is the eventual goal of any business. So you require to have a CRM solution that is scalable enough to easily administer an increased influx of customer interactions. If that is then what you are looking for, HubSpot is the ultimate answer for this. HubSpot endeavors an always updated view of your company’s sales funnel through a visual dashboard. Because of this, you can manage scheduled appointments, track performance against set quotas, and many more. 

. Streak

Considering the many intertwined modules that make them work, the majority of CRM systems are not exactly easy to get started with. However, there are many exceptions, and Streak CRM is one of them. This is built on an application that is regularly used by just about everyone who has an Internet connection: Gmail. Streak instantaneously transforms Gmail into a CRM powerhouse. You just need to install the extension, and you are ready to use this CRM tool. It features easy collaboration and acquiesces you to share everything from emails to notes with a single click. Because of this you can administer deals, support queues, and set up task reminders using Google Calendar. Features such as WebHook API access, mail merge, tracking, and shared pipelines are also included in the mix.  

. Insightly

For a small business, budget is always going to be your concern. This is crucial to go for a CRM solution that endeavors great features without costing a fortune. With a base price of $29 per user per month (if billed annually). Insightly is undeniably the best value-for-money CRM service out there. You can get a limit of 100,000 records, storage space of 10 GB, and the ability to import 25,000 records per session with this. There is also task management, API access, and custom reports thrown into the mix. It further endeavors detailed reports charts and the ability to connect to Microsoft’s Power BI business analytics service. 

For e-mail marketing, Insightly lets you send up to 2,500 mass emails per day, apart from e-mail scheduling. Having the features such as pipelines and activity sets, Google Contacts, Calendar Sync, and many more others make Insightly project automation a breeze. 

Wrap Up

These are some of the best CRM of 2022. The CRM tools have been used aggressively among all the companies for enduring the organization workflows and a healthy and strong relationship with the customers.


By Andrew

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