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December 03, 2021

B2B Content marketing is a set of marketing strategies pre-own to administer and deliver valuable content to your target audience to attract, enlist, and accomplish new leads while bounding the existing one. There is a simple difference between content marketing strategies accomplished for B2B marketing and B2C brands. Content marketing for both types of brands begins with the recognition of the pain points of their audience and ends with driving revenue. Their approach is vastly different due to the difference in the buyer journey, motivations, and decision-making process. According to the recent report, our summary for B2B Marketing report are such as –

72% of B2B Companies have a blog

Our research found that approximately 3 out of 4 B2B companies have a blog. For most companies, their blog is the main cynosure of their content marketing efforts and a key source of organic traffic. Without a blog, it strongly recommends that 28% of B2B marketing companies are making little investment in their content marketing. According to Focus Vision, B2B decision-makers customarily consume 13 pieces of content during the buying cycle. Interestingly, the majority of that content is read precisely from the vendor’s website. This is apparently why 46% of B2B marketers plan on investing more in content marketing in the coming future. According to our research, it is seen that the majority of B2B businesses are endow in Content marketing and SEO. 

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Key Takeaway  28% of B2B companies do not benefit from blogging as part of their Content marketing strategy. 

61% of B2B Companies benefit WordPress as their CMS

Across the 360 SaaS companies with existing blogs, we analyze 25 different Content management systems in use. The most prominent choice was WordPress, used by 220 (61%) companies. According to Built With, WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS. However, powering 61% of all B2B blogs, it is alluring just how assertive WordPress is in the B2B marketing world. To put this figure into viewpoint, the second-most-popular CMS was HubSpot, which was used by just 9% (34) of the companies we looked at. 

Key Takeaway  WordPress is one of the most prominent choices of content management systems for B2B companies. HubSpot was the second most popular CMS among the B2B blogs that we interpret. 
38% of B2B marketing Companies publish blog content to educate their audience

Across the companies we glance at, there were four distinct use cases for company blogs –

. Company news  These blogs only concentrate on the company and its products.
. Educational content These blogs share advantageous content that is designed to solve problems and administer value to the reader. 
. Mixed  Company distributes its press and educational content in one place. 
. Industry news Blogs that concentrate on sharing news relating to the industry they are in. 

The “mixed” approach was most prominent, used by 51% of companies. This all-in-one strategy is likely prominent because it has the best of both worlds. Most content is concentrated on providing valuable content that educates an audience on a problem they are looking to solve. An example of this “mixed” approach is “Segment”.

38% of the blogs that we interpret publish 100% educational content on their blog. Interestingly, only 8% of companies exclusively used their blogs for PR-style, company news-focused content. This recommends that if a B2B marketing is investing in their blog, they understand they are likely to see better results by providing useful content for their audience v/s company updates and news.

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 Key Takeaway  51% of B2B blogs benefit their blog as a home for all their content – both for educational and company-focused. 

Educational blogs acquire 52% more organic traffic than company-focused blogs

We found that educational blogs receive 52% more organic traffic than those which concentrate on company news and PR-style content. This recommendation is not entirely surprising – educational content is more likely to rank for a wider variety of keywords. On the other hand, a business that is only publishing news is limit to ranking for their company name and a handful of other related terms. 

Key Takeaway – Blogs that cynosure on educating their loyal audience rather than promoting their own company receive 52% more organic traffic than company-focused blogs.

Only 29% of B2B blogs acquiesce readers to leave comments

Are B2B brands publishing content to conceive a community with their audience? Or is it a one-way street? Our research initiates that only 106 (i.e. 29%) of the B2B blogs looked at acquiesce readers to leave comments. Allowing comments is not necessarily a “best practice” for blogs anymore. There is certainly a case to be made that comments can edge to more website engagement. However, the data is unclear on whether comments generate more traffic and links. Comments may also come at a cost i.e. moderation and fighting spam. And according to our data, most B2B marketing companies adopt to run their blogs without a commenting feature.

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Key Takeaway  70% of B2B blogs do not acquiesce readers to leave comments on their posts. 

I hope you find this analysis of the B2B content marketing space interesting and useful. Make a point to bookmark these B2B marketing reports to keep your blog posts appropriate and up-to-date for 2021.

By Andrew

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