WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Tips for your business

November 26, 2021

In today’s fast-growing marketing world where everything is all about WhatsApp and Google, even then WhatsApp is the least familiar choice of a WhatsApp marketing for your business. Last officially reported statistics to affirm that WhatsApp has acquired 1.5 billion active users across 182 countries which undoubtedly are huge. The common mindset that abounds with WhatsApp is that it assists as a platform for better connectivity with people, friends, and family. But the thing that we generally miss on this, its capability to reach out to a larger number of people at the same time, which can in a way to demonstrate as a gemstone in the long run. WhatsApp Marketing could administer a new arena for digital marketing. WhatsApp marketing services can be used in three common ways –

. One-on-one chats

Unlike the mobility of telephones came into being while making connections with people. It involved text messages other than the telephonic conservation that included tariffs. But ever WhatsApp got introduce, it gave much easier connectivity to people without paying off anything. It also accords access to WhatsApp voice calling, video calling, instant messages, recorded voice messages, images.

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. Broadcast messages

Using the broadcast WhatsApp marketing technique a user can send a message to 256 people instantly at the same time. And on the recipient’s end, it will be acknowledged as a normalized one-on-one chat. Until when the sender’s contact number is amended in the receipts phone book. 

. WhatsApp Groups

The pleasure of talking to friends or family on a conference call is noteworthy. WhatsApp endeavors its users with a facility of group messaging where you can connect to 256 people at one go. This also provides you with text, recorded, and picture messages. 

Some of the ways by the benefit of which you can use WhatsApp to ramp up your marketing game are such as –

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Use opt-ins to generate high-quality leads

WhatsApp opt-in is the option pre-own by customers to which customers provide their consent to receive messages from the business. Opt-in must be collected by the business afore they start sending messages to their customers using WhatsApp API. Businesses using WhatsApp APIs should amass opt-in using a link or a banner shared through their website, mobile app, email, SMS, or social media channels. Once clicked, the user will be inquiring to administer their phone number after which they can endure chatting with the business on WhatsApp. And because only those people who are authentically interested will opt-in, businesses will get a pool of high-quality leads who are more receptive to business communications.

Chat-based service for customers

In a survey, conducted for service providing through messages. A thing that strangely came up was that around 67% of people who respond, clarify that they use chats for communicating regarding the business they are connecting with. And most unexpectedly around 54% of people want to have business with those whom they can connect easily to the platforms that are used for instant messaging. 

Acquire more customers with click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Typically when businesses run Ads, customers usually get assistance to a website. But businesses that do not have a website can take advantage of “click to WhatsApp” Ads that directly take the customer to their WhatsApp Business profile. Click-to-WhatsApp Ads are conceiving in Facebook Business Manager and can run on Facebook and Instagram. While conceiving WhatsApp Ads, businesses can also adopt their target audience similar to when they run Facebook Ads. 

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Content sharing through dark social

Nowadays a lot of media content is shared through various social media platforms that can claim for its security, where WhatsApp is the leading one of these social media platforms. Around 84% of content sharing takes place on dark social media in preference of public social media. So even though, if you do not convey of your brand to customers through. WhatsApp Marketing, your brand is assimilating known to the people using such platforms. So, apart from all these this feature allows better control of things that needs to be monitor by you. 

Create contests and campaigns

Due to its instant messaging emphasis, WhatsApp is a great social media platform for brand-related contests and campaigns. The key to a successful campaign is to encourage your audience to enlist with you directly on WhatsApp. 

Collect customer testimonials for social proof

To understand customers and increase retention, it is very important to get customer feedback. While bad reviews benefit you pinpoint the gaps, great reviews administer social proofing that can get you more business. Although feedback can be achieved by using survey forms and email. These channels see only 20-30% open rates with even lower response rates. Compared to email, using WhatsApp to amass customer feedback can deliver much better results. As the open rates are an extraordinary 99% with a 40% response rate.    

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Even after two long years from its innovation. WhatsApp Marketing is still advertising that is least expose to people, albeit the benefits it affords can be a sky-touching scenario. It amasses upon its larger user base on one hand. On the other hand, one thing that needs to take special care of is the level of intimacy that needs to maintain for any marketing software for enhancing branding, reputation, and customer confinement for a product.

By Andrew

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