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August 16, 2021
Digital marketing

Around 73% of B2B marketers affirm that video content positively influences their ROI. Learning about current B2B digital marketing trends will accord you an edge over your competition. A whopping 97% of marketers are using social media to influence their target audience. That includes B2B marketers. If you want to accomplish this, your strategy must emerge as the digital marketing world changes. Digital marketing is the future. Knowing what is trending at the moment facilitates you to fine-tune your strategy for success. Some of the top B2B digital marketing trends of 2021 are such as –

Digital marketing goes mainstream

The divide between digital marketing and traditional marketing is diminishing quickly. Now, having a digital marketing strategy is mainstream and 100% imperative. This is predominately due to the increased amount of people on mobile devices and computers this year. That also mean targeted display advertising is more pertinent and effective than ever. 

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Be authentic, educational, and informative

Customers are engulfing with messages every day, so being authentic and adding real educational value will benefit you cut through the noise and create a strong connection with your audience. Use your content to capture interest and authorize your organization as a source of reliable information, and stay persistent with the value you administer to your audience. The following content types are a great way to administer educational content and generate leads at the same time such as –

. Whitepapers – Creating technical, in-depth whitepapers on a specific topic can accomplish your organization as a thought leader in your area, establish trust among your audience, and strengthen you as a go-to source of information.  

. Guides – This may benefit your audience get up to speed with easy-to-follow “how-to” guides.

. E-books – Easy to read and more general than whitepapers, e-books are an enormous way to increase credibility and add value through educational content. 

. Infographics – This is an enormous way to format content and information so it is easy to read, educational, and highly shareable. 

. Blogging – Consistent blogging can endeavor thought leadership as well as drive traffic to your website.  

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More virtual events

Virtual events are a feasible way of supporting a B2B business plan. In the age of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual events are a digital outlet for both socializing and doing business. B2B marketers and companies are hosting more virtual events than ever before due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually, these events afford something of value to entice business owners to attend. For instance, many B2B virtual events afford workshops and classes for business owners. The brand awareness engenders by one virtual event alone makes it worth a shot. 

Explore new SERP opportunities

Search engine algorithm updates transpire all the time which means there is constantly new convenience to enhance your ranking. In 2021, take asset of rich snippets and structured data mark-up to take that coveted “position zero” on search engine listings – the most sought-after spot on the internet. 

. Schema mark-up – Schema mark-up is a section of code that you put on your website to benefit search engines serve users with an informative response to best answer their questions. Essentially, schema mark-up administers search engine algorithms with context to appraise what your data means rather than simply what it says.   

. Rich snippet categories – The majority of Google search results demonstrate a website’s title tag, Meta description, and URL. Rich snippets include these, but also adds more to it making your website more fascinating and increasing CTR. Search engines like Google will pull this rich snippet data from structured mark-up (like Schema) in your website’s code. 

. Leveraging Google Search Console – Google Search Console is a free service that administers insights to aid you to measure your website performance, flag potential issues, and control how Google views your website. It is a great tool to oversee and improve your SEO as it can show you invaluable data insights such as how often your website appears in Google search queries and which keywords drive the most traffic to your website. 

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Brand trust matters

Now that the internet has gone mainstream, people are more cognizant of misinformation. For this reason, consumers are paying more consideration to brand trust. B2B brands must also intentionally authorize brand trust. Try publishing informative content as part of your content marketing strategy for your business. It will position your brand as a conceivable authority in its field, and consumers will notice.

B2B Influencers

B2B Influencers recognize how to target their specific B2B audience just right. If your partner with one, they will increase brand awareness and online sales on your behalf. 

Video content and advertising

Video content is enhancing more popularity due to social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Social media users are also showing an alternative for video advertisements over other types of advertising. Well, the B2B world is following suit. Experts think that by 2022, videos will make up the mass of internet consumer traffic. B2B marketers are using video content and advertising as a business strategy to associate with business owners. 

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Nearly 90% of B2B marketers are employing email campaigns. Personalizing emails is one of the other notable B2B digital marketing trends to look out for. 80% of B2B email campaigns include educational content. More than ever, people still value some of the informative content over other content types. 

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