Salary of SEO professionals in India and Internationally

August 16, 2021
Digital marketing

We have a feeling that salary of SEO professionals you have already analyzed a lot about “how much is SEO salary in India and internationally. We are also 99.99% sure that you have not yet got the answer you are glancing for. So here we like to disclose to you that you have to pay this much for SEO but sadly, it is more convoluted than that. It is indeed hard to estimate SEO salary in India and internationally.

Why should you designate SEO?

We should designate SEO due to the following reasons such as –

. High demand for SEO services – The emphasis on digital marketing is increasing every year. When more and more companies want to be active on the digital medium, SEO is inevitable.

You can work from anywhere. You can make this profession as your full-time/part-time/freelancing work.

. The opportunities for SEO in India are increasing every year. SEO salary in India is increasing with the demand for digital marketing work.

. If entrepreneurship is your cup of tea, you can start your company without the urgency of a huge investment. 

. It does not require any specific degree. You can join a good digital marketing course after an undergraduate degree course and you can work in SEO. 

. Last but very interesting one, SEO is a very fast-paced growing industry. You always learn something new and astonishing. There won’t be any boring days in your SEO career.

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Factors that determine SEO salary

Some of the factors that arbitrate the salary of SEO professionals in India and internationally are such as –

. Expertise – How good you are at SEO and how much expertise you have mattered. Even though you may be a fresher with no experience, you can ace it by passionately taking the initiative to learn and keep yourself up-to-date with the technical know-how. Even for consultants, it is critical to keep learning and adapting as a client would essentially hire them for their expertise. If you are glancing for a comprehensive SEO course to add to your resume. You must acknowledge taking up some online SEO courses. You will be adept to master tools such as Google Search Console, Google page speed, Yoast, Moz, and much more as part of the course’s curriculum as well as you will learn some of the technical aspects which are the trickiest part of SEO. 

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. Designation – Your designation will also actuate your salary. There are set industry standards for every classification. 

. Work experience – Work experience is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to SEO salary. The more the work experience, the higher the salary package you can appeal. Employers explore candidates that can bolster the company’s growth with their value additions. 

. Geographical Location Although SEO salary broadly depends on qualification and designation, it also depends on the geographical location of the work. Pay scales would contradict the cost of living.  

. Education A qualification in digital marketing, information technology or a related field can aid boost your starting salary. If you are looking to dig deep into the world of digital marketing. Check out the What, Why, Where, and How of a career in digital marketing.

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SEO Salary in India and Internationally

The salary of SEO professionals average salary for an SEO specialist can range from 2.5L – 4L per annum and for managers, it is about 6L – 8L per annum. While the average salary for an SEO specialist is $54,230 per annum and for managers, it is about $71,000 per annum. The salary of an SEO specialist is based on responses accrue by built-in anonymous SEO specialists of the company. 


Going by the salary scale of some of the top-ranking SEO jobs. We can safely accomplish that SEO expertise salary in India is quite well. Fresher’s SEO expertise can earn around Rs 1.8 – 2.8 LPA, while SEO professionals with over 5 to 8 years of SEO experience can earn around Rs. 3.5 – 6.6 LPA. As for senior-level SEO salary in India with over 10 years of SEO, the experience can make around 15 – 30 LPA or more, depending upon the company size, location, and skill set.   

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