How one can choose the best hashtag for your business?

January 10, 2022
best hashtag

A hashtag is a short link foreshadowed by the pound sign (#). You have seen them all over social media and you might search them ugly to use in your posts, but the best hashtags aid organize posts on social media.    

Why do brands run hashtag campaigns on various social media?

It does not matter if you perform a small business or a multinational brand, hashtag campaigns can provide various purposes. Hashtag campaigns can –

Creating a brand awareness 

Increase the visibility of your content

Making it easier to track and quantify your content

Boosting your followers and retweets

Getting your audience involved

Promoting events adequately

Assist in running a contest or launching a product

For illustration, you can see how Lay’s came up with their #DoUsAFlavor campaign. It accompanied them to associate with their audience by letting them vote for their cherished flavor on social media.

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How one can choose a hashtag?

The most important part of running a hashtag campaign is coming up with a hashtag that can easily go viral. Before you advance further, here are some do’s and don’ts for using the best hashtags on social media such as –

. Your hashtag needs to be original. It should not glance like a rip-off of your competitor’s campaign.

. It needs to be accurate and easy to interpret.

Do not combine more than 3-4 words.

Try to write it in Title case to make it easy to grasp.

Do not make your hashtag entirely about your brand.

. Not come up with a hashtag that your audience would confront using.

Do not sound demeaning, offensive, or self-promotional.

Use trending topics, but do not completely rely on them.

Most principally, always read your hashtags a few times and ask someone else to review them as well.

How do hashtags work?

We could add nice screenshots of posts with and without the right hashtags, but since it is so simple to behead, you might as well just try it and see for yourself. Here are some of the steps you need to take such as –

Make a list of the relevant hashtag.

Select the finest hashtag based on the number of views and be sure to add less competitive hashtags to your mix.

Use these best hashtags in your next post. On Instagram, you can add about 10 or 20 hashtags (Instagram has a maximum of 30 hashtags you can use), but do not exaggerate it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. About minimum of 3 hashtags per post should be sufficient on these platforms. 

Keep track of the hashtag mixes that work outstanding for you. 

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What are trending hashtags?

First of all, you require to know that there are essentially two types of hashtags such as –

Trending hashtags such as #MeToo, which have a high amount of views for a short period. 

. Evergreen hashtags with pretty much a reliable amount of views over time. Using #Nonprofits will accord you about the same exposure any time you use it unless it goes trending.

When conducting your hashtag research on social media, be aware that some hashtags might be very seasonal. 

Hashtags to entice customers to your business

Some of the hashtags to entice customers to your business are such as –

. Local Hashtags

Local is outstanding for businesses with a local presence. As hashtags like these disclose a business to customers nearby. Some examples include – #NYCfitness, #LAphotographer, #Bostonbraider, etc.

. Action Hashtags

Hashtags like these work flourishing for businesses that run a service. Some examples of these hashtags are such as – #LearnSEO, #LearnToSwim, #getoutofdebt, etc.

. Bragging Hashtags

These hashtags assist you to focus on products and businesses that have lived up to possibility. Some examples of these hashtags are such as – #bestseller, #toprated, #customerfavorite, and so on.

. Promotional Hashtags

These present a great way to usher in promotions going on in your business. Some examples of these hashtags are such as – #summersale, #Bostondeals, #specialdiscount, etc.

. Descriptive Hashtags

Turn your generic product or service into something customer’s fathom, by using descriptive hashtags. For example, a business that renovates kitchens can use the prominent hashtags #Kitchenrenovations to entice an admissible audience towards its posts.

. Custom Hashtags

If you want to stand out, you needed to come up with a particular hashtag for your business. Branded hashtags let followers become recognizable with your business and catechumen leads into customers. Some of the best examples of this in the world are such as – #ShareACoke (Coca-Cola), #JustDolt (Nike), #PutACanOnIt. 

. Charitable Hashtags

If your business gets convoluted with charities and causes, you can use hashtags to inform your followers. Some examples of these hashtags are such as – #donateblood #Support #RandomActsOfKindness, #CancerAwareness, and so on.

. Relatable Hashtags

These hashtags entice an audience because they resonate. Some examples of these hashtags are such as – #OnlyIn [Your City], #Mondaysbelike, #thatfeelingwhen

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Wrap Up

These four simple steps will set you in the proper direction. It is up to you to keep track of what works best for you and what does not. Remember that the accomplishment of your social media marketing hinges on your entire approach such as –

. How admissible are your followers?

. How significant and beautiful are your creatives?

. What are the various ways by the help of which one can engage with your followers?

. How repeatedly do you post on Instagram or Twitter?

Using the best hashtags can substantiate that you are on the right path with all the points described above that you just needed to have an extra boost. 

By Andrew

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