19 Tried-and-True best lead generation methods Ideas and Examples

August 16, 2021
Digital marketing

Best lead generation: A lead magnet is a marketing tool that arouses leads by beneficence long-form assets in exchange for a forecast contact information. A lead magnet can take the scheme of e-books, whitepapers, templates, and similar downloadable equity for your business. Some of the tried and true best lead generation methods and examples for the business are such as –


Cheatsheets are immense for lead generation. The cheat sheet is also known as a crib sheet, a cheat sheet is a list of notes for allusion. The perk of a cheat sheet is that you can conceive one on any topic. For example, a cheat sheet by Wholesome Yum acknowledges how to properly follow the product list for a Keto diet. This cheat sheet has an independent lead magnet landing page, and once you fill in all your contact details, you accomplish the PDF file sent to your email. For those, who are following the Keto diet, this cheat sheet can be convenient. You can print it, attach it to your fridge, and cogitate with it every time you plan your meals for a week.   

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A template is a file that delivers as a layout for a document. Like cheat sheets, lead magnet templates can be initiated on any topic. What is the characteristic of a good template?

. Easy modifiable

. Universal

. Printable

If you are glancing for examples of the templates that combine all three characteristics, consider Resume.io. There are numerous CV templates to adopt from but to access them, you claim to share your contact details. Once you have that done, you can entrée a CV template of your choice, edit and download it for print. Such templates work exclusively as lead magnets because they take a compelling portion of work off the person’s shoulders. It can take a lot of time to conceive a CV from scratch, but you can do it in a few clicks with a template.


Guest blogging is an awful backlink strategy, but those who use it occasionally agree to not republish that particular post on their blog. This is adequately common, as Google punishes websites that duplicate content onto two publications – it is nobody’s interest to do so. What you can do about this? You can complete all these guest posts in a book format. Since the content will be gated behind a lead capture form, there is no risk of Google flagging it as duplicate content and you get to congestion a little bit of extra value from that content you worked so strong on?

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Have an alluring survey that your team recently ran? Or perhaps you know your audience is looking for peculiar information to inform their future strategy? If so, leverage this knowledge to spawn downloadable reports based on your team’s research. You may have talked about this conclusion in a blog post or a recent webinar. Repurpose that content for a detailed report. This will position you as a conclusive resource in your industry and bring you that much closer to converting your target audience. 

Swipe file

A swipe file is an assortment of resources with ideas on a specific topic. For instance, copywriters often accumulate a swipe file with headline options, content promotion ideas, and topics for future articles, etc. Swipe files present a lot of value to leads because they accommodate unique content assets. For instance, a swipe file lead magnet with social media resources is something that accomplishes Digital Marketer stand out. This swipe file is a valuable resource for copywriters who struggle with writer’s block. There are 72 headline formulas for haunting social media Ads and blog articles.

Case study

A case study is in-depth research of an appropriate case, such as a partnership between two businesses. Much like an e-book, a guide, or a report, a case study should present unique value. For example, a case study by Horton Group shares how the company accompanied Canopy South to build its branding strategy from scratch. Apart from being an effective lead magnet, a case study is also an absurd marketing resource. A case study can enumerate a few extra points to your authority as a knowledgeable brand if you do it right.

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Access to a private group

As a business, community management is a key aspect in boosting brand loyalists. It can also be an adequate way to generate leads. Platforms such as Slack, Facebook Group, and LinkedIn acquiesce you to do both. For many businesses, their target audiences value community and want a space to argue topics relating to their needs, goals, and challenges. Creating that space will bolster you generate the best lead generation leads and get to know your audience better.


Webinars do not have to belong, collaborative presentations with multiple colleagues or partners. If you have a blog post that hardly touches on a subject you are an expert in, use this blog post as a springboard into a live talk hosted by you and a co-worker. For example, if you have written an article about the latest IOS cookie restrictions, then remodel this article into a slide presentation and present it through a live conferencing platform, using helpful visuals. 

Bonus Packs

The atonement of additional content that is not included in the original blog post is the accomplished way to reward readers who opt-in. If you have an article or blog titled i.e. “The 5 Pieces of Equipment that every puppy requires”, you could aim readers a circumscribed PDF with a few more pieces of accompaniments that may have come on the market since the original post was publicized.

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One of the finest examples of a lead magnet for e-commerce is a catalog – a choice of items sold by a business. For example, Ashley Home Store benefit from an online catalog to generate leads. 


Free trials are not always a contingency for some businesses. But if you still have an urgency to generate leads by acquiescing people to review your product before buying it, consider samples. A sample is a trial version of a product that displays a few of its key features but keeps the other in apprehension. For example, Story terrace endeavors to sample chapters of the books in exchange for an email address. You can also use audio and video samples to bolster your online courses, webinars, and other accords that attract leads.

Free consultation

A free consultation is an initial meeting with a brand’s representative, during which they accost their customer, get an idea of their issue, and decide whether they can solve it. You can repeatedly come across free consultations as best lead generation magnets when visiting a website of a law firm. 


A quiz is an anatomy of a gamified survey, which answers a particular question. Quizzes can analyze general knowledge, define a personality type, or calculate IQ. For example, the quiz lead magnet by High 5 Test acquiesces you to find out your strengths and weaknesses. A quiz lead magnet is a win-win both for a lead and for a brand. A lead gets valuable information, and a brand amasses a potential customer. 

Resources Libraries 

If you have already written a decisive blog post, contemplate beneficence a resource library or guide as a lead magnet. A resource library is a collection of tools that benefit people to achieve results.


If you are in an already well-established industry, it can be hard to come up with original content. Sometimes other people have covered a subject in such detail that it is essentially impossible to add extra values. 


A planner and a calendar both have the same purpose – to formulate and simplify a particular activity. That is why they work great as lead magnets. For example, you can afford a content planner, just like the one by CoSchedule in exchange for a subscription. Keep in mind that a planner and a calendar should acquiesce easy edits, much like templates we talked about earlier. 


Analogous to planners and calendars, generators and calculators aid simplify a particular activity. They endeavor great value as lead magnets since they are easy to use and can solve a problem quickly and for free.  

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Gated premium content

Gated premium content is any content that requires acceptance. The main contrast between gated premium content and any other lead magnets is that the subscription for such content is regularly paid. For example, SlidesGo affords limited access to only one presentation, while all others are only available to premium subscribers. Gated premium content is a very familiar example of a lead magnet, making it premium will depend on your audience’s purchasing power and the goals of your content marketing strategy. So it is enhanced to check if your prospects are ready to buy your content before beneficence premiums. 


A report is a piece of content that presents the essence of a particular topic. Much like other case studies, reports often encompass data and statistics to support the given points. A good report always affords valuable insights for the industry players. For example, a report on how the Covid-19 pandemic jolts the role of a chief marketing officer. Reports are great lead magnets, specifically for a B2B content marketing strategy. Upon sharing their contact details, the lead will get admittance to credible data that they can apply in practice.


Now you have a unified selection of the best lead generation methods for every occasion and the most demanding and hard-to-impress leads. Before you jump right into conceiving a lead magnet, there is one thing you require to remember when choosing one – your target audience is key. The point of lead generation is to entice relevant leads, which is impossible if you do not know whom you are targeting. So, cipher out your target audience first, and the rest will be all plain sailing. We have the best lead generation to provide the best opportunities for business.

By Andrew

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