Top 5 Ways to Make Blog Engagement

June 26, 2021
Blog Engagement

Let us face it – some blog topics/ Blog engagement are more appealing than others. This happens across all the industries and all topics within each line of work. It depends on different interests and how relevant the topic is to individual professional life. Some topics naturally generate more interest, while others you could go your whole career and never care to hear about. Yet there are those topics that need to be discussed, and the level of importance exists even when there is not an audience eagerly awaiting this information.

Luckily, there are some ways to impart excitement into any topic and thus making it more engaging. When you have important information that may not be the most captivating, keep in mind that your audience’s ability to enlist with your topic is not only dependent on the topic itself but how it is presented. So how can you make your blog topic more engaging? Here are some of the ideas that will get your readers excited about your blog topics, and even get them looking forward to future blog engagement such as –     

Aim to inspire Blog Engagement

Draw on the past examples from those who are adored in your industry. Include the innovators who did not give up when things were difficult and apply their stories and lessons to obstacles that influence your line of work.Blogging aims to tell your readers a story and teach people lessons they can apply when the going gets tough, so incorporate someone they know and probably look up to into a blog post to help get your point across.

Use image and formatting to break up your text

This is one of the outshine ways to put off potential readers to show them a wall of plain text. A big portion of the text is hard to read. This is exclusively true if the topic is technical or dry. Make your content accessible to scan and digest by formatting it with short paragraphs, headings, and bullet points. Use quotes such as bold, italics, and block to highlight the most crucial parts of the text. As well as formatting your content to make it more readable, break up large blocks of text with graphics and images that illustrate and accompaniment the written words.

Infographics are an exotic way to present facts and figures. Using them can make even the dullest topics more appealing. Stats show that people can recall 65% of visual content up to three days later and people share infographics 3x times more than any other visual content. 

Address pain points and offer solutions

It does not matter how “boring” your industry might be. If your audience has challenges and problems, they will seek out content that gives them a solution. Your job as a content marketer is to figure out that what those pain points are and create the content that solves their problems. Educational content does not need to be fun and exciting to read. All your readers care about is that you are answering their questions.

To get an example of this type of blog content. Do a Google search for “how to change a tire” and take a glance at the first few pages that come up. They are not trying to make you laugh or writing eloquent paragraphs about car tires. You get the content that answers your query most straightforwardly.

Make blog topics funny 

Research has demonstrated that using humor in learning boosts the retention of information. Humor activates the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that encourages goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory, improving retention in people of all ages. A little humor can go a long way, notably for someone expecting your topic to be a drag. To authorize a connection with your readers, you may even address the banality as a reality. This will helps to Increase Blog Engagement topic relevance.

Consider alternative formats

If you are still not having much luck with making your written content more engaging, you might want to acknowledge a different format completely. Some topics lend themselves better to video. This is peculiarly true of educational “how-to” content. Just have a quick search on YouTube for “plumbing” not exactly the world’s more exciting subject and you will see thousands of videos, some of which are engaging enough to have earned millions of views. Some of these video topics may include such as –

. 10 plumbing miscalculation and how to fix them

. How to outset a plumbing business with no money


At Antigua Web Solution, our content marketing efforts are determined to make each blog engagement topic relevant and applicable to the industries we concentrate on. Educating the readers and presenting ideas in new ways is our passion, and we strive to find something engaging in each blog topic we write. Strategy is the key to a solid blog post, and using these strategies in your next blog will keep your audience affianced.

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By Andrew

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