Instagram vs Facebook marketing: Which is the right social media platform for your Company?

June 26, 2021
Instagram vs Facebook

Before we dive in, it is crucial to note that Instagram vs Facebook marketing platforms. Are inherited by Facebook. With that said, they both are separate channels that deliver different purposes, so it is important to understand the differences when deciding on what to use to assassinate your marketing goals. As far as numbers go, Facebook is still one of the biggest contenders of today’s time with 2.5 billion active users. With endless ways to hyper-target, a myriad of businesses are glancing to use Facebook for their marketing efforts. They have been decisive in how we understand social media. And how they can be used to benefit the business.

Despite being one of the younger companies, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing global platforms. With Instagram being founded in 2010. And having grown to be an active user base of 1 billion, it has unbelievable influence and potential in the space of social media marketing. Both of these platforms have their advantage and should be used in some capacity. Some of the key information that can determine which platform to use for your specific brand are such as –   

Number and Stats


  • 2.38 billion Of monthly active users.
  • 96% of active users via a mobile device.
  • 40% of users have acknowledged that they watch most of the videos on Facebook.
  • 65 million small businesses maintain Facebook pages.
  • 74% of businesses use Facebook to promote their brand.


  • 1 billion monthly active users.
  • More than 500 million daily active stories on Instagram
  • 37% of American Internet users are on Instagram
  • 68% of Instagram users daily visit the website
  • 65% of businesses use Instagram as a part of their business branding strategy

Facebook may have the preeminent number of users now, but Instagram stats are also very impressive. Instagram assists users to engage with the visual content, and the engagement rate of users on Instagram is increasing over time.

Audience Demographics

Social media marketing strategy is challenging, but seeing the demographics can asset you learn more about your prospective customers and develop the right social media marketing plan. Research shows that more than 60% of active users on social media marketing platforms are teenagers. Depending on the type of your products and services, you have the freedom to choose either of the websites that prove beneficial. Social media websites are attractive and fascinating to reach younger users. People of the older age groups are comparatively less active on social media websites. The older audience is also as crucial as, the younger users because they have a comparatively higher income to spend on Ads than the teens.

Engagement in numbers

Instagram has an extensive engagement than Facebook. A social media engagement study shows that Instagram has a higher median engagement brands rate of 1.60% than the Facebook rate of 0.09%. Let us check a real-life example on Instagram v/s Facebook engagement. A post by Quest Nutrition was put on both. Instagram and Facebook accounts and has shown stats that –

  • Quest Nutrition has 491,000 Instagram followers and 1.1 million Facebook followers.
  •  Instagram post has 2,400 likes and Facebook with only 21 likes. 
  • Instagram has 20 comments, and Facebook with only 1 comment. 

From these stats, it is achieved that Instagram won a higher rate of engagement. Even if Facebook is more popular. Despite the suitable example above, it is crucial to keep in mind that Instagram does not always mean a higher engagement rate than Facebook. A considerable number of factors clinch how users interact with your content on social media websites.


The comparison between Instagram and Facebook is incomplete. Every social media website in use without considering. Instagram has other significant use than its primary function of videos and images.The most informational platform name is Facebook You find information about the business through Facebook Pages such as business hours, upcoming events, addresses, and the service area. It is essentially texts based, that’s why it takes longer to create a profile on Facebook compared to Instagram. Instagram is all about posting of pictures, videos, and capturing the moments. People barely use Instagram to quest for business hours and stores. People use Instagram to enlist the audience and gain popularity by increasing the number of followers or likes.

For example, when you go to a restaurant with a multiple dish menu for lunch, it consumes more time to adjudge on the preferable dish, unlike those restaurants with specialized dishes that assist you to make quick decisions. Facebook can be compared to a restaurant. With various menus because you can do so much with it apart from chatting, watching videos, and playing games. Facebook accord limitless possibilities for everyone, but Instagram is the restaurant that sells only specialized dishes.

Business News

Facebook is an advantageous tool to publish your business news as you have ameliorated chances of attracting readers. For instance, you use Facebook to stake your company’s reconstruction and Instagram to post images of the reconstruction process. Do you get the difference between these two?

Business Events

Instagram is the impeccable platform to publish your business’s charity events or conferences. You can upload images to amend your followers and create running Instagram vs Facebook marketing

Facebook and Instagram cover creating initiate and reporting paid campaigns. The synergy between Facebook and Instagram makes it effortless. To track your Return on Investment (ROI). Now, You want to pay for your adsFacebook and Instagram cannot replace each other. It is in your hand to analyze your clients and think of relevant content to meet success. Work on how your business can employ these social meda platforms to reach audiences.


Instagram vs Facebook marketing platforms truly have very crucial and unique opportunities for your business. As digital marketing experts, we bewitch by diving deep into the data of understanding how specific individual companies can asset from specialized social media marketing efforts with each platform. If you are keen in learning more please visit our website i.e.

By Andrew

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