This Is What a Brand Experience Agency Will Accomplish for Your Business Success?

June 18, 2021
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At some point or another, every organization requires the services of a brand agency. Some ignore signs, plug their ears, and pretend everything is ok, but ultimately this decision will come back to haunt them. Brand agencies work to review, reformulate, refresh and reconnect your brand with your stakeholders. Using research, strategy, planning, messaging, and design, a brand agency will take you on a journey to build a brand you can be proud of that benefits your business to grow and prosper. Here are some of the things that the branding agency will do for your business such as –  

Increasing the brand awareness   

The more enduring your experience, the more likely your customers are to talk about it with friends and colleagues. The more persistent your experience, the more likely your customers are to recognize it and identify with it.

Creating lasting memories and building trust

There is a shifting perception among consumers that aid doing things over having things. According to Set Creative’s research, 80% of UK and US consumers find that physical experiences can build more lasting memories compared to physical products. It is not a surprise then that 40% of UK and US consumers have increased their spending on new experiences in the last two years. Meanwhile, only 29% of the respondents have increased their spending on new items in the same period.

In fact, 38% of them have even decreased their spending on new items. Marketers are facing the challenge to create a successful brand promotion without unquestionably focusing on the direct promotion of the products or services. The constant disclosure to the brand marketing has changed the face of campaign strategies, which means that it is time to focus on the experiences rather than the products.

Increasing the perceived value

Consistently executed brands with engaging experiences are perceived as more valuable than those with confusing or unimpressive experiences. Higher perceived value boosts your brand equity and empowers you to command higher prices for your products or services.

Foster customer loyalty

There is nothing more compelling than a meaningful, memorable experience to keep customers coming back for more. Brand loyalty is built on customer trust, and customers trust brands whose experiences are persistent and relevant.

Increasing sales

The eventual upshot of a powerful experience is an increase in sales. When customers experience your brand in an impressive, memorable way. They are more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about it. And few things are more compelling at attracting new customers than personal recommendations. Word of mouth referrals has a measurable concussion on your business’s bottom line.

The value of experience

It is a common challenge for marketers to administer the ROI of their work. Especially if they have to deal with sales-focused senior stakeholders. Brand experience is sometimes unnoticed especially when you cannot measure their success. That is why it is crucial to start looking at the value of the experience and why it can be powerful enough to affect purchasing decisions.

Set creative has managed research to measure the effectiveness of brand experiences. While trying to recognize what people think of them over traditional forms of marketing. According to their survey, nearly 91% of the respondents have shared their most memorable experiences with others. When it comes to defining memorable experiences, the most popular responses were such as –

  • Special family moments (24%)
  • Unforgettable trips (24%)
  • Live events (17%)
  • Work-related achievements (11%)

It is useful to consider that only 7% of people mentioned the purchase of a new product as a memorable event. This is a good lesson for the brands trying to stand out with their marketing campaigns. It is not easy nowadays to address a target audience with traditional product placement and that is how memorable experiences can help.

Improve shareability

People are way more likely to share information about a new brand through a live experience (60%) than commonly hearing about it through TV (36%), word of mouth (30%), or social media (21%). This means that brands that administer to create appealing experiences come with an advantage over the competitors especially when it comes to the first exposure to their messaging.

This percentage indicates the shift from traditional marketing to a new type of marketing that confides in the experience. It does not necessarily mean that all other tactics can be inadequate. But it is certainly a good advantage to tap into experiential marketing when trying to make a good impression.

Making the purchase easier

A common misconnection is that brand experiences cannot lead to actual ROI rather than brand awareness. However, this research found that nearly 73% of people who took part in a brand experience are more likely to purchase from a brand that was convoluted in this experience. This means that the brands that launch their unique experience gain a “purchase advantage” over others since they are adept to create more memorable and engaging campaigns.


Brand experience comprises all the ways a customer can experience your branding agency. How it looks, sounds feel smells, and tastes. From your website and mobile experience to your in-store and product experiences, everything is in-between. The best experiences are those born from the meaningful, memorable, and authentic purpose and above all it is persistent. So, cultivating an effective experience is the most authoritative way to stoke customer loyalty and set the stage for the ongoing growth of your business.

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By Andrew

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