How to Turn Your digital marketing content ideas into Additional Content?

digital marketing content ideas

Digital Marketing Content Ideas

Different formats of the content may detain different values for each reader depending on where they sit in the buyer’s cycle. Providing an information-dense survey report to someone who is just after quick snackable infographics, can fail to fascinate their demand. Correspondingly, returning a web visitor on the hunt for a meaty report to benefit beef up their business case for using your products or services, may leave your site unsatisfied after only finding the short form blogs that only address broad pain points.

The best B2B content marketers are getting ahead of this competitive era, by translating their target audience’s information needs into a rich buffet of formats, optimized for buyer’s need stages and multi-channel distribution. The secret to accomplishing this without having to radically increase your content creation spend is by re-purposing the content. Here are some of the creative content writing strategies by the benefit of which one can breathe new life into your existing content are –

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Changing up the voice over   

Digital Marketing Content Ideas: Unlike traditional TV advertisements which are anticipated solely at one particular outlet and audience, in the digital realm, you can immediately transform a video by simply adjusting the voice-over to fit a brand new audience. Big brands may use this tactic regularly. For example, Oreo will often use the same visual assets and may create a range of different commercials by voicing them in different languages. This is one option to consider but you can also change the messaging, and the focus, and re-shape the emphasis of the Ad, giving you more bang for your advertising buck. You do not need to recreate and produce fresh new video content again and again. Instead, keeping the visuals and trying some different options will make your initial concept go a long way.

Reaching new audiences

Re-purposing the content may endeavor the startups reach new relevant audiences. It asset an individual in achieving the goal by reaching the most number of eyeballs. Brand awareness is the computation to any startup’s success. Until and unless your content is noticeable to a larger audience, your startup can never grow as a brand. Therefore, one needs to re-purpose the already produced content like infographics to attract new audiences to the website. You can even re-purpose your earlier blog posts into eBooks. It will aspire you to push them through different media and reach new audiences.

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Increasing the organic visibility and SEO

Digital marketing content ideas: Website and blog traffic is always driven unquestionably by organic search. Presenting the content in limited styles may decrease your chances of a boom in search results. But a variety of different styles of the content may accomplish the exact opposite! So if you are pushing your content on different social media platforms, then you can take an asset from backlinks as well. As they connect the reader back to your main website, meanwhile you can even get to enjoy extra traffic on your website.

Use it for internal education 

Creating valuable and alluring content for your website may take affluence of effort and resources. So why do it exclusively to educate your customers? If you are looking to re-purpose your content, look no further than your team. One of the other content writing strategies to make your content serve a greater purpose for your website is to use it internally by adding it as a fresh new component to your training materials, such as your company manuals, guides, presentations, and onboarding sessions. This will directly increase the value of your work, while also keeping your training materials fresh and more relevant.

Repetition is a key 

You cannot overstate the consequence of targeting a relevant audience with your message. For startups, repetition could well be the difference between the success and failure of the business. Re-purposing the content acquiesces the startups to achieve their goals without boring their audience. Refreshing the content may acquiesce the startups to deliver the same message differently. This will not only benefit an individual to reach a new audience but there will also be a stronger reception of the message by your audience.

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Increasing the content shelf life

Digital Marketing Content Ideas: Content marketing may benefit an individual in building brand recognition. With a functional content marketing strategy in place, you can present new ideas to your audience. But, a demerit that correlates with it is its limited shelf life. New blog posts often experience an initial spike in site traffic, but it fades away with time. Nonetheless, it may leave out the noteworthy instances where the content goes viral.

Content marketing demands fresh site content to achieve the same level of social media engagement. Re-purposing the content is a sure-shot way of keeping your audience hooked. You won’t have to inquire into the laborious process of re-inventing the wheel i.e. writing the new content from scratch. Re-purposing the content is a great way for startups as well as for established businesses. Established businesses can allow the marketing pull by generating new content. But, re-purposing the content is ideal for aggressive marketing efforts by startups.

Plan ahead

Next time you create any content for the website, think about the different formats it could take whether it will be part of a blog post, embedded in a newsletter, or turned into an accessible infographic. Considering all the possible outlets from the very beginning will help spark ideas on future ways to leverage your creative output. In other words, to maximize the value of your content efforts, you need to be constantly considering other ways in which your content material can be used. There is a wide range of content options, and almost every post or video you create will be able to be transferred to several other formats. The more you can get out of each post on the site, the more you increase its value and the return on your time and cost investment.

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Digital marketing content ideas: Re-purposing the content is a huge time saver for content marketers. It asset startups with its aggressive marketing efforts. This super hack asset is SEO for startups, organic reach, and so much more. You will find value by thinking out of the box to implement your re-purposing content writing strategies. Hence, you need to think in advance, before you even create new content. Your single effort can advantage dozens of pieces of content. As long as you spotlight on adding value, your re-purposing efforts will prove to be fruitful for your startup.

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