Top Digital Marketing tools in 2021 that you need to grow your business

August 14, 2021
Digital marketing

Digital marketing trends are continually changing, and 2021 is no different. New marketing channels emerge every day, forcing marketers to think about which one to use and which not. There are many online marketing tools these days that make it crucial to decode which marketing tool is right for your business needs. The right choice can bolster you to grow your business, the wrong one can be a problem. Researching and analyzing with so many tools can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Due to this here are some of the top digital marketing tools that can make your life a lot easier in 2021 such as –


If you are serious about enhancing your SEO strategy, you are going to want to check out SemRush. SemRush is our team’s popular all-in-one digital marketing tool. This tool administers assistance in performing keyword research, position tracking, and identifying backlink opportunities. You can even engage this tool to perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit. SemRush latest update features boost content marketing, advertising, and social media tools as well. SemRush affords free and paid subscriptions. With a free account, you are limited in your competence to pull data and use some of the tool’s features. 

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Google Analytics

Pegged as one of the most well-known digital marketing tools. Google Analytics is accomplished in helping its marketers gain proficiency in how many people employ their content and how they endorse that content. Some of the primary features of Google Analytics are such as –

. Assimilate the kinds of messages which resonate with the audience.

. Regulate where the users are coming from.

. Actuate what a company’s digital strategy can be.

. Acquiesce users to finalize goals for tracking conversions, building an advanced e-commerce setup, and tracking events to gain more knowledge on user engagement.

To top these gains, one of the enormous perks remains that the tool is free and does not require its user to spend a penny to avail of its services. 

Mobile Monkey 

Facebook plays a decisive role in helping small and medium-sized companies get the message across to their target audience. Not only this but it also acquiesces companies to bolster their customers contact them and administer feedback on various products and services. Mobile Monkey is great for reinforcing the whole process. Mobile Monkey is a perceptive Facebook Messenger Chatbot tool that lets customers instantly receive answers to common queries. This tool is useful for marketing and customer service, as it benefits companies find new customers, increase sales, and promote their content. The best thing about this Chatbot tool is that you do not require any programming experience to set it up. And in case you have any problems, their free webinars will assist you. 

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Canva is an enormous tool for creating professional-looking graphics. No matter your design experience, you can conveniently use this tool to create social images, CTA buttons, and infographics for free. Canva endeavors a large selection of options such as templates, clip art, and fonts to benefit you customize your project. This is the perfect tool for someone who does not have access to more advanced design platforms such as Photoshop or InDesign. 

HubSpot Marketing

This tool administers both free and paid services. HubSpot free services acquiesce the users to set up web and popup forms, access live chat facilities, CRM and email marketing, and assess site visitor’s behavior. While the HubSpot paid services, acquiesce for sales email automation, it allows users to generate email signatures, grade their website, and generate marketing plans and invoices. It benefits the user to manage their content and social media, track their emails, and connects with their leads. This tool acquiesces the user to expand their traffic, convert leads, fasten deal cycles and also prove ROI for their inbound marketing campaigns through their features.  


BuzzSumo is a smart digital marketing tool that accredits you to decipher what type of content can outshine any topic for your business. It benefits your research and finds the most common content related to the keyword of your choice. This acquiesces digital marketing to gain a deeper understanding of their footprints on social media. And benefit them develop smarter content strategies. In addition, it bolsters to provide maximum assistance to content marketing and SEO campaigns to work well in a niche or with an audience. 


Frase is an astonishing content optimization tool that every digital marketer requires in their back pocket. It uses AI to administer advanced content insights that can help boost your search visibility and your web traffic. Use Frase to optimize your existing content or benefit you write new and improved content. Content research can take hours. Frase automatically administers an intelligent outline for almost every topic across the web. In seconds, Frase administers a list of related topics such as headers, FAQs, statistics, recent news, and interesting facts that you can use to quickly build a powerful piece of content. 

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With such a large selection of top digital marketing tools. It is crucial to know how each one will asset you to help drive results. With the benefit of these tools, you can ensure digital success! So, if you are struggling to evolve a digital marketing solution for your business, contact Antigua Web Solutions today. We will benefit you develop a digital marketing plan to make 2021 a year of company growth!

By Andrew

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