2022 Email Marketing Design Trends

June 12, 2021
email marketing design

Leaving 2020 finally behind us and 2022 unwinding ahead, now it is the time to emulate, add and subtract. The last year taught us to swim in unexplored waters like never before. Email design in particular had a hectic year, but counseled to emerge as a winner! Antigua Web Solutions sees a lot of email designs. If you remember from last year, we foresee and mapped out some of a few design trends that made their way into our collective inboxes, such as wiggly blogs, beige backgrounds, overlapping squares, 3D GIFs, big circular bullet points, and much more. Some of the latest 2022 Email Marketing Design Trends are such as –

Mobile oriented design

Email open rates on mobile have been increasing regularly ever since 2011. In 2020, an astonishing 81% of emails were opened on mobile devices and the audience can be captious! In just a matter of 3 seconds, they can delete emails that are not appropriately displayed on their mobile screens. About 15% of them might even unsubscribe from the emails from various websites. That is how crucial mobile optimization is. Still, email production remains primarily centralized on desktop and tablet devices.

Softer background colors

Late 2019 and a lot of 2020 saw a huge escalation in beige backgrounds, which we accredit will become even more widely used in the next year. It is soft on the eyes, a little more organic and convenient, and still a little different than a bleached white background that most people will send. We are also expecting to see more muted and pastel backgrounds for identical reasons, and have already seen an uptick in their use over the past few months.

Dark mode

Dark mode has been a heated topic for quite some time. Not only does it make reading easier, but it looks glistening and may diminish the display power draw. No wonder it is getting increasingly prominent day after day. Apps and platforms big and small have been scrambling to use this functionality and email is not imbecile behind. But let’s be honest, things can often get problematic. For example, certain email service platforms are turning the dark mode on unquestionably, so the colors of all the email elements, except the images, are inverted. 

This messes up emails right away and acts as a big challenge for designers. Why? Because they have to think of some of the creative ways to make an image work on both dark and bright backgrounds. For now, the most common technique is enumerating white strokes around dark elements. But, as dark mode becomes more reachable, we believe that better and more decisive solutions will emerge for sure! And if you are still not designing for the dark mode yet then what are you waiting for?

Demonstrated iconography

Simple iconography was the gesture of the past. 2022 is coming with more digital designs and therefore email marketing is also ascending with interactivity, illustration, and more accessibility. Particularly, icons are providing more visual relevance. Unique artwork, convey brand nature, and most unquestionably clear communication through messaging, give birth to iconography. Therefore, this trick is becoming more prominent in the design of email marketing.

Now bright and vibrant colors are more appreciable because this is the way to impart additional energy with a simple framework that brings more fixation on content. Besides, it is also crucial because it takes no time to load due to lightweight icons and graphics. Most icons feature the brand identities and will implement an emotional attachment with an audience. Besides, imagery acquiesces to this trick to make visuals because it provides the best assist for your brand.

Skeuomorphic frames

Do not panic even if you have never heard about the word Skeuomorphic. It is the latest design term for emulating the visuals of several objects in one design. In this situation, such a frame design is a perfect choice that divides your images into a mock device as you suggest a Skeuomorphic frame. This is one of the accessible trends to apply easily because you need to add your content and then create a recreational style of your choice. Such a frame technique is popular for digital services because a user can get an identical idea through its looks. Besides, it provides you the best chance to create a character for your brand profile.

Editorial approach

Imagine fashionable print magazines, trifling layouts, super quality photography, and gentle palettes. A sort of design to associate a brand with its audience and this is the latest trend to fine-tuning your engagement. Email marketing is refined massively and it intends to make your inbox sophisticated and chic. Less text but more consideration-grabbing and it should not be on top. It should be attractive but not alluring. Make sure your audience is in your mind when you are marketing your designs. 

Pastel palettes

If you correlate other 2022 Email Marketing Design Trends like the editorial layout and illustrated iconography. Pastel palettes allow vibrant balance contrast to the muted tedium of inconsequential style. Besides, pastel palettes administer a soft image of your brand just like iconography. Furthermore, its image looks too cheerful and friendlier, therefore, they are known as a happy color. But other trends of email boost to use less image, but pastel colors will make sure you. They will appeal to the users very well. Make sure you have worn Safety Goggles when you are glaring at the digital screen. 

Besides, bright pastel plays the outshine role because they feature the shades of elements such as top priority text or call to action. Particularly, when you match it with neutral backgrounds, pastels can overture to anyone when you need them.


If you need any help while implementing any of these latest 2022 Email Marketing Design Trends, turn to the experts at Antigua Web Solutions. Visit our email creative gallery for illustrations of our work!

By Andrew

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