Where does a Successful “Video Marketing for Business” Strategy start?

Video Marketing for Business

Video marketing is one of the most compelling and powerful tools for marketers and social media managers. It produces the highest Ad recall. According to Hub Spot’s report, nearly 85% of users remember a video they watched in the past few months. It can boost your search engine optimization or SEO efforts. And by using various video marketing approaches for your business, you can boost your conversion rates by more than 85%. At the same time, more than 60% of customers are more feasible to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Video has been labeled as the future of marketing of the business. With all of its benefits, how do you get started? Here are some of the steps that you need to know to get a start on video marketing for your business such as –

Casually created, authentic videos gain more trust of the customers

Unfiltered conversations are on a rise in 2021. It commonly means that the veil between brands and their customers has become thinner. Brands have to gain customer’s insights into their core values from their business. Video marketing places significance on creating a sense of belonging among the customers rather than just sales pitches. Video marketing strategy plays a very vital role in growing business. If used correctly, they can benefit a brand to tell authentic stories. Brands can use video marketing strategies to create awareness and build, trust and transparency among their viewers. Brands who truly wants to grow a sense of belonging should use authentic videos in the following ways such as –

  • In the emails
  •  On the landing page of the website of the business
  •  One can use Video/GIFs for personalized social replies
  •  Product videos for e-commerce   

Upload and promote your videos for marketing of your business

Once you have edited your video, it is time to upload it and share it with your audience to grow your business. There are many ways by which one can share the videos such as posting online or by sharing to your friends via various social media platforms such as WhatsApp or Instagram etc. Apart from all these, one of the nonpareil ways to do so is through YouTube because Google owns YouTube. If done properly, you are likely to get identified through regular search and adept to get the views. Once you have uploaded your video, start promoting it on all of your social media accounts or popular blogs. The best way to get adherence to your videos is when you start developing a buzz for them.

Making short format videos to get more engagement 

One of the essential reasons for this trend is the reduced attention span of people. Furthermore, this trend got a push with the risk of TikTok and the launch of the Instagram Reels. Some of the other possibilities in the improvement of this feature include such as monetization opportunities for creators, the introduction of shoppable reels, and improved video editing capabilities. Short video formats are easy to hold on to the customer’s attention but they also make the work of social media managers and marketers a little effortless. Short videos can garner maximum engagement from the target audience. The few trends that can engage your audience through the short videos are such as –

Behind the scenes (BTS) – This could be a day in the life, or just behind the scenes of packing an order. 

.Lists + Recommendations – Making a numbered list of information is a great way to organize your points in a video as well as keep the audience member engaged.

Trending Sounds – This is one of the crucial factors to utilize sounds on Instagram and TikTok to boost your exposure to the algorithms.

Optimizing your videos

Ensure that your videos are tagged with relevant long-tailed keywords and fully explained the description and title of the business product. If there is any loop pole in the market. Google needs you to fill it out and assist you to rank your business on various search engines.

Live video streaming is the new normal trend

By the end of 2021, an average USA consumer is expected to have about 9.5 video streaming apps installed on their smartphones. If this is contemplated in the context that users on average have about 51 apps installed on their devices. Then more than 10% of this number is of the video streaming apps. From these numbers alone, it is evident that live streaming is one of the major video marketing trends for your business of 2021. So the businesses that want to connect with their consumers on-demand could greatly aid from live video marketing strategies. As that has some of the organic reaches on the mobile platforms. Some of the other reasons why one needs to choose videos over pre-recorded content may include such as –

  •  Live chat – Through this, viewers can type their queries and brand representatives can respond to their queries in real-time.
  •  It is a far more personal and public-facing benefit.
  •  On social media platforms such as Facebook, live videos can get 6 times more interactions than the regular ones. 
  • Live videos are agile and easier to make as compared to the pre-recorded videos.


It is seen that 8 out of 10 marketers think that videos have a positive impact on their sales. Keeping this in your mind, it will be safe to say that small and medium-scale companies cannot incur to ignore videos in their marketing efforts. A major trending strategy in video marketing that is expected to boost business sales is an increase in authentic and user-generated content.

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