Email Marketing Funnel: How to Attract, Nurture, Convert and retain your customers on your website?

July 29, 2021
Email Marketing Funnel

Ever hear of the sales funnel? Email funnel accomplishes similarly, albeit in the context of email marketing. An email funnel is a sequence of targeted, illustrate emails sent to subscribers to catechumen them from leads into loyal customers for your business. Some of the alternate names of the email marketing funnel are such as –

  • Email sequence   
  • Auto responder series 
  • Automated follow-ups

Email funnels work because, unlike social media content, you can abstinence what messages your subscribers apprehend and when they apprehend these messages. Additionally, you own your email list, so you do not have to worry about your marketing strategy being impacted by the platform and algorithm changes that influence social media marketing. These benefits acquiesce you to tailor your email funnel and guide your prospect into the buyer’s journey. By sending targeted emails that contain relevant information, you abet move subscribers to the next stage. When done well, an email marketing funnel can detour leads into loyal, lifetime customers. While setting up your email funnel for your business, you should concentrate on tailoring the sequence to –

  • Attract potential leads
  • Engage and nurture subscribers with well-timed and tailored emails that afford value
  • Convert subscribers into loyal customers that remain engaged with your company or organization

Building a successful email sequence takes planning. The more you can target information in the buyer’s journey, the better your results will be. Here are some of the steps that benefit you to focus on setting up an email marketing funnel for converting a new lead into a loyal customer such as –

Identify your target audience

The more you recognize your audience, the easier it will be to administer them with relevant, useful information. If you have established a user persona for your company, you can manipulate that to identify potential customer concerns, problems, and obstacles. Understanding your audience will acquiesce you to write emails that address their issues and keep them engaged.

Building your email list 

Before we talk about how to bestow an email marketing funnel, we require to accoutrementthe email list first. A perfectly formulatedemail marketing funnel without anybody on your list to email is as effective as the Mona Lisa hovering around in space where no one cares about it. Building your list is one of the integral parts of the email marketing funnel that does not implicate email marketing. There are plenty of contrivances to build your email list. You can use opt-in forms on your website, social media, landing pages, and plenty of other tactics. 

Welcome email for new subscribers

When someone signs up for a lead magnet, it is essential to send them a welcome email or welcome email sequence. The first email you send for business should include –

  • Deliver the promised item
  • Welcome and acquaint them to your list
  • Inform them of the asset and content they can expect from your emails

The goal of the email is to begin a relationship. You are showing recipients that you are trustworthy by delivering on the affirmed lead magnet. Do not endeavor to sell anything at this point. The prime objective of this stage is to thank them for subscribing to your list. In this email, you can also let them know how often they will receive emails from you and what the general cynosure of these emails will be. You can also split this information into multiple emails. In this case, the first few emails in your funnel could be such as –

Email 1 –Welcome email. This email may administer the promised download or link, thank them for joining, and welcome them.

Email 2 –Give information on using the downloaded item. If the lead magnet was a template, you might administer some tips on how other people have successfully used it to show its value.

Email 3 –This email may invite customers to give feedback on the downloaded item. You could bestow this email to learn more about your new subscribers and gain feedback on the lead magnet. This information will acquiesce you to send more targeted information to benefit them in the next part of the email marketing funnel.

Nurture and educate

As soon as somebody enrollsto your email list, they have moved past the reach and enlist and are already in the second phase of the customer lifecycle – nurture and educate. Think of the top of the funnel as a convenience to nurture your qualified leads. Most of the folks you will be emailing during this stage are destined new to your email list. You do not want to try to sell something the moment they walk through the door. This is acontingency to accumulate their trust. You can use the welcome email for this. This is an automated email that you send out after somebody subscribes to your list. This email serves as an introduction, and should not have a single ask in it.

Convert subscribers into your loyal customers

This next stage is the bottom of the sales funnel, where you endeavor to convert subscribers into your paying customers. These emails will administer the nudge to the loyal subscriber that may require buying your product or service. In this email, you will make your sales pitch by bequeathing a direct offer. Your offer may incorporate details such as a time-limited offer or an exclusive promotion to increase the sense of urgency to act. To create a strong email, you will want to –

  • Highlight your product and show how it assists the subscriber
  • Provide testimonials or reviews
  • Have one clear call to action
  • Incorporate a link to the FAQ page of your website


Email is a powerful marketing tool that accord you control over what content your subscribers see and when they see it. Email marketing funnel acquiesces you to bestow tailored, and personalized content that benefits you to build a strong relationship with your audience. Ultimately, email marketing funnels can benefit you take your business to the next level. 

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