Facebook Lead Ads/Everything You Need to Know

February 09, 2021
Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are one of the best tools to teach you about your customers. The more you know about them, the better ads you’ll be able to create in order to convert. If you’re looking for a game-changer, Facebook lead ads are the key to any successful campaign, and they offer versatility, which makes them even more helpful. They are used to generate leads to collecting customer information and target audience optimization. These types of ads will provide you with the ability to create an easy experience for any of your goals.

Any of your potential customers will have the ability to sign up for additional information about your services and products directly in the News Feed. When you reduce the amount that has to be filled out on a form, you’re enabling potential customers to easily provide you with valuable information.

Why Use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads enable you to gather useful Facebook user information that will help you create custom audiences and provide better ads to target them. Collecting this information is not always as easy as you may think. That is why it is so important to make the process as easy as possible. It is a good thing that Facebook lead ads are optimized for mobile use since 95% of Facebook visits are through mobile devices. By using this user-friendly method, it ensures you of more people signing up, as it makes the process easier when it is on mobile.

Additional lead ad advantages include:

  • Firstly, it helps you to promote valuable content
  • You’ll receive pre-populated leads with the user’s email address and contact name
  • Can be customized for a variety of situations
  • Dynamic ads can be used to tailor the user experience, which will include their likes and previous interaction
  • Any information that is collected can easily be integrated into your customer relationship management service.

Creating a Facebook ad

Before you begin to create a successful ad, you’ll have to know the following:

Form Type –

You can choose between More Volume and Higher Intent. When you want people to sign up quickly, choose More Volume. If you need people who are closer to making a decision, choose Higher Intent.

Intro –

This is the section that will tell the person completing the form, what you are offering in exchange for them doing so.

Questions –

You can select standard questions, such as name and email address, and include custom questions. The form can have as many as 21 questions. Fifteen of the questions can be customized. You will get better results with fewer questions. Most people will not take the time to fill out a long-form, no matter what you’re offering.

Privacy Policy –

You are required to link a privacy policy in every lead ad that you generate

Thank You, Screen –

People who sign up will be redirected to this page. It is where you can thank them for taking the time to sign up and usually includes a download link that takes them to your lead magnet.

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