How to Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads to Grow Your Business

February 09, 2021
Facebook Lead Generation Ads

First, let us establish what Facebook lead ads are. They are forms, which enable a business to obtain information from customers, at the same time connecting through contests, demonstration requests, and newsletter subscriptions. Once someone clicks on your lead ad, a pre-populated form will appear that has their Facebook profile information on it. Then, there are a few more questions that can be answered and uploaded to the customer profile. The lead ads are optimized for mobility, which is important since 88% of Facebook users share through a mobile device. Facebook lead generation ads can also be downloaded as a CSV file. It allows you to effectively follow up, which is essential to closing a deal. Read more about Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

Effective Facebook Lead Ads

The Facebook lead ad is intended to get a visitor to the site to convert to a customer. There are some proven effective ways of getting lead ads to convert.

  1. Offer incentives

People are more likely to do share information with you when you are offering them something to do so. It doesn’t have to be anything big, something as simple as a free download or promo code is enough to get a response. Other incentives may include the ability to pre-order products, attend an event, contests, sweepstakes, deals, offers, product samples, and whitepapers.

  1. Make the offer clear/precise

Make sure that they know what they are receiving. This is something that Facebook recommends that you provide in all promotional copy and the beginning of any form. You should also include branding throughout the offer so that it is clear, who the information is being shared with. Also, select images that support the message you are trying to convey.

  1. Keep forms simple

The easier that you make your form to fill out, the more people will complete it. The more questions there are to answer, the more likely the person will not complete the form. Ask the most relevant questions to get the most important information. When you have a multiple-choice form, keep the choices to no more than four.

  1. Use effective content and formats

Most people are visual, which is why you should give serious consideration to how creative your formatting is. In some instances, your lead ad may require a carousel format, while another may be better suited to a short video to tell your brand story. Never assume that based on how great you think what you are offering is, that you don’t need to be creative. It is the difference between someone stopping and reading your offer or them passing it by.

  1. Targeting the right audience

It is vitally important that your target audience aligns with your lead ad goals. Keep in mind the three primary audiences:

  • People in your area: This is a good idea if you want people to visit a location
  • Lookalikes: Create customers that look like the customer who engages with you most often.
  • Custom audiences: Recent visitors to your site or who subscribe to your newsletter.

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