Google Adwords Campaign Management

Google Adwords Campaign Management

it is possible to receive a great ROI when using Google Ads. However, you’ll have to be committed to the ad strategy that you create and making the necessary sacrifices to spend time every month, managing your ads. Here are some 4 steps for succeeding when managing your Google Ads campaign. Read more about Google Adwords Campaign Management.

  1. Follow Best Practices for Google Ads Campaign Structure

Like most platforms, Google ads campaign has best practices that you must follow to ensure success. The success of your Google ads campaign will start with a good campaign structure. The structure consists of Account, Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords. You must know what each of these involves and how to use them.

Google Adwords Campaign Management focuses on ad groups, keywords, and your campaigns. This is because it is easier for these specific features to attract more people. Study these variants to decide how you will use them for your campaign. You can’t use one without the other, as they work collectively. The management tools are a guide for your success. If you learn how it works, you’re sure to notice a difference.

  1. Audit the Google Ads Budget and Bids

You may not have a campaign type that targets any specific keywords. Most businesses pay $1 to $2 per click for Google ads. When advertising via Google Display Network, the CPC is often lower. The average spent on Google Display Network is less than $1. These averages can be used to gain a baseline budget for your ad campaign. You’ll have to set a daily budget. Calculate your monthly budget by multiplying the daily budget by 30.4. This will be the max amount that your business should spend on Google Ads campaign per month.

  1. Analyze and Refresh Keywords

Most businesses that use Google Ads to advertise use keyword targeting. You can use targeting like age, location, behaviors, and other things, but most Google Ads campaigns rely on keywords. Keywords are an important part of your Google Ads campaign management. To achieve success, you should make sure that your keyword targeting remains up-to-date. As people change and use different phrases, you may need to also change the keywords that you use. You can research the performance of your keywords with Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and KeywordsFX. These can also help you find new keywords to use.

  1. Optimize Ads, and Landing Pages

Optimizing ads requires the following:

  • Experiment with various ad copy
  • Switch up ad offers
  • Add new ads
If you are going to test your ads, you’ll need to change your campaign-level settings by doing the following:
  • Go to the ad campaign
  • Select Settings
  • Choose: Additional settings
  • Click: ad rotation
  • Select: Do not optimize (Rotate ads indefinitely or Rotate evenly)

This will provide you with more accurate data about your ad performance.

Optimizing Landing Pages requires the following:

  • Change calls to action
  • Add new features
  • Update button colors and locations

These seem minor, but they are proven effective.

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