How Google Ads Express Can Help Your Business

February 09, 2021
Google AdWords Express

You may notice a lot of information about how to effectively use regular Adwords to generate leads and drive traffic to your business. However, you may not find nearly as much for Adwords Express (AWE). We have a few points about Adwords Express that can help you decide if it is something that you would like to use for your business. Read more about Google AdWords Express.

Google Adwords Express

If you’re still trying to figure out if you should use Google Adwords, make sure you know what it is. It is just an easier version of Google Adwords. Unfortunately, it has been challenging to get businesses to use Adwords due to its complexity. Adwords Express (AWE) was designed for local, small businesses. It offers users a quick and efficient set-up process that makes it easy to start using.

Here are some tips things you should know when deciding on whether to use Adwords Express:

You need to have a Google My Business listing

You’ll use the GMB profile to create your ad campaigns for Adwords Express ads. After the campaign is running, you will receive the top results on your GMB dashboard. You can also click through to the Adwords Express ads to see the number of clicks, keywords, and views.

Where are the Adwords Express Ads?

They can be seen across Google partner sites, Google Search pages (at the top), and Google Maps pages. You can’t tell the difference between a Google Adwords ad and an Express ad.

What is the Adwords Minimum Budget?

The minimum budget is around $1.5/day or $45/monthly. This is considered a low budget. You’ll create a daily budget for the month and once your ad reaches that amount. Once it reaches the monthly minimum, it will stop showing your ads until your daily budget renews.

Adwords Express offers information about what competitors are spending on their daily budget and the minimum size of its market.

Is Adwords Express Right for Your Business?

The only person who can answer this question is you. However, here are some of the advantages of using Adwords Express to consider:

  • Easy and Quick start-up process – It won’t take as much time to figure out how to use Adwords Express, as it does regular Adwords. You save a lot of time and can have your ad campaign up in no time.
  • Simple to Manage – Since you receive tools to monitor your ads progress and see the information of the competition, you can easily manage your Adwords Express ads
  • Good Entry Into PPC – Most small businesses don’t have a lot of money so they try to do as much as they can themselves, including marketing. Therefore, if you are a small business owner, you may be interested in Adwords Express since it offers easy setup.

We can’t tell you which PPC to use but we can tell you that Adwords Express Ads are easier than Adwords. If this is important to you, then try out Adwords and see how you like it. Contact us to know more about Google AdWords Express.

By Andrew

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