What is Google Local SEO and Why is it Important for my Business?

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If you run a local business, then a Google Local SEO strategy is something you will require. Here’s the reason.

When you want a local flower vendor or a plumber, or you need to look at what time the Chinese takeaway in the High Street opens tonight, what do you do? You take out your cell phone and do a speedy search, or you ask your voice assistant for the answers. What’s more, a huge number of individuals are doing the same thing, a few times every day.

Over three-quarters of search engine users never look past the first page of search results. Thus, if your business isn’t on the main page then just you won’t get a thorough search. The same goes if you haven’t optimized your local business site so it works admirably for voice search: something set to be liable for 50% of all internet searches by 2020.

Thus, if you would prefer not to see your competitors whisk the business out from under your feet, read on to learn the reason why Google Local SEO matters.

What is Google local SEO?

Google Local SEO is for you if you have a physical location and/or a local audience. It is designed to assist you with promoting your services and items to clients at the very time they are searching for them.

The points of local SEO are to:

Enhance your local presence

Increase inquiries for your services

Boost footfall to your physical location

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Why is local SEO significant?

46% of cell phone searches involve local intent; that implies if somebody is utilizing their telephone to search then they are ready to purchase right now, or at least to make an inquiry.

A few significant facts:

Local searches lead to a more prominent buy rate

50% of individuals utilizing local search will visit a store soon

87% of cell phone clients utilize a search engine at least once a day

71% of individuals look up a business before making their most memorable visit

89% of customers search for a local business at least one time per week

46% of all Google searches are local

75% of local searches result in a phone call

So it is obvious to see the reason why Google Local SEO is fundamentally significant if you have a local business. However, what exactly is associated with a local SEO strategy? How about we take a look.

What does a Google Local SEO strategy include?

A local SEO strategy will aim to deliver the likes of opening hours, directions to your business, and item availability at a local store or branch. In any case, this isn’t all those shoppers need to be aware of.

One of the main parts of a Google Local SEO strategy is inspiring trust. Trust comes from online reviews and ratings. So there we have our most memorable local SEO task: online reputation management. Encouraging and capturing reviews and ratings is something of fine art and certainly something you’ll need to work hard at. However, the results are generally worth the effort.

The second task that shapes a major piece of any local SEO strategy is citation building and management. Citations are unquestionably significant for local SEO because search engines are continuously looking for valid data, which is confirmed courtesy of steady listings right across the web. Likewise, consistency breeds trust among clients, making this part of the strategy doubly significant.

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Next, we have the Google Local Pack and Google My Business. If you regularly look for local services then you will be familiar with the Local Pack. It’s a featured set of organic results from search results that are locally oriented. In short, you should ensure that your Google My Business listing is well-polished and up to date, showing all the right data for individuals to reach out to you. Remember this listing feeds into Google Maps, so without everything present and correct you just will not have the presence you need within those all-important map listings.

The last part of a powerful Google Local SEO strategy is on-page optimization. Your site content should be ‘localized’ with keywords optimized for local search. As a side note, the mobile-friendliness of a site is a major factor in this regard as well, since we’ve proactively found out that local searches fundamentally exude from cell phones. Another fundamental thought is optimizing for voice search. If you regularly ask Alexa or Siri or Cortana or Google to tell you where the closest chemist or flower vendor or heel bar is, then, at that point, you’ll agree that consideration should be given to styling content to work with verbal requests for data.

Prepared for Google Local SEO?

If you’re a local business with a local audience hoping to drive more clients to your store or boost inquiries for your locally based services, then now is the opportunity to begin work on your Google Local SEO strategy!

Prepared to plan your Google local SEO system? Then, at that point, we’re prepared to help! Talk with Antigua Web Solutions today.

By Steve

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