How to build your Social Media Marketing Strategy

February 06, 2021
How to build your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The succinct social media marketing strategy will help your brand to tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. Below is a step-by-step social media marketing strategy guide. That can help you to identify your social goals, engage audiences and optimize your results.

Building Your Cross-Functional Team –

Social media marketing impacts all the corners of your company. It should be more like air (everywhere) than water (you have to go get it). Thus, the first step in the process is to create a cross-functional team so as to help conceive and operate the rest of the marketing strategy. Decide who will be involved in the strategy, such as sales, customer service, marketing, content, etc.

Listening to Your Audience and Competitors –

Listening to the views of your audience and competitors is very important while planning your marketing strategy. The reality behind this is that your customers (and competitors) will give you a good guide to where and how you should be active in social media if you augment your social listening beyond your brand name.

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Analyzing how and where your audience is naturally holding the digital conversations can save a world of trouble. Rather than starting your online marketing agency in New York from scratch, find the channels in which you can interact with your audiences who are already talking about (or attempting to talk to) your brand.

Identify Your Audience by Social Media Marketing Strategy –

Now that you have listened to your audience’s view. Decide with whom you will be interacting on the social media platforms. Configuring the audience personas, including their online behavior, values, and challenges will help you to determine how to talk to your audiences. But also helps were to carry on these conversations. Audiences of certain demographics and behaviors are more easily activated on some social media channels than others.

Selecting Your Success Metrics –

Selecting the KPIs (i.e. key performance metrics) sets the organizational expectations about how the ROI of your social media efforts will be measured on various social media platforms. The social media marketing strategy is an exercise plan, not a quick fix. Success will be seen, but only through patience and perseverance. Thoughtful KPIs and realistic quantifiable quarterly goals are necessary for maintaining the leadership buy-in for the long haul of your digital marketing business.

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Your organization’s success metrics are reflective of your expertise and your business success. For example, advanced organizations track the customers through the funnel, from social media engagement to sales. Beginner organizations may focus on reach, impressions, and various social media engagements.

Research Your Target AudienceSocial Media Marketing Strategy  –

Social media demographics speak directly to which networks your brand should approach and what types of content you should publish. Here are some of the key takeaways that can help you to research your target audience –

  • Facebook and YouTube are both prime places for the ads due in part to their high-earning user bases.
  • Women vastly outnumber men on Pinterest, which is noted to boast the highest average order value for social media shoppers.
  • The LinkedIn user base is well-educated, making it a hub for in-depth, industry-specific content that might be more complicated than what you see on social media platforms (i.e. Facebook or Twitter).
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Monitor Your Social Media Impact –

An effective social media Marketing strategy sets out how to track the impact on your business from day one. Here are some of the metrics that you might want to track for your social media marketing objectives –

  • Drive Website Traffic –Unique views, and social media referral links.
  • Raise Brand Awareness or Authority –Social mentions, and direct website traffic.
  • Increase Sales or Retention –Lifetime value, average order value, revenue change.
  • Improve Customer Support –Renewal, ticket wait time.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty –Retention rates of the businesses.
  • Increase PR Mentions or Media Relations –Backlinks, social media mentions.

Creating a Channel Plan Social Media Marketing Strategy–

Only after you know why you are active in social media and how you will measure your best leading social media marketing strategy success, should you turn your attention to “how” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the social media platforms will affect your social media strategy. Creating the right channel plan can help you to understand with which audience you want to engage, your content plan and editorial calendar, any necessary resources, and how you will measure the success of each specific social media platform. This channel plan should be distinct so that you can have a specific, defensible reason for participating in each strategy marketing channel plan.

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