How one can do Instagram shopping for their brand?

January 24, 2022
Instagram shopping

Want to know how one can set up an Instagram shop on Instagram to get more sales? With 60% of its users saying they determine new products on Instagram, Instagram shopping is a compelling way to enlist with your customers. Setting up this on both Instagram and your website boosts your customers to easily click on links to buy your products directly from you. It is a great way to advance your sales and conversions.

How one can open your shop on Instagram?

Some of the steps by the benefit of which one can open your shop on Instagram are such as –

. Confirm your eligibility requirements

Before you create an Instagram shopping account, you need to meet these eligibility requirements such as –

. Your business is stationed in a “supported market”

. Your business sells principally physical goods that follow community guidelines

The business acquiesce with “merchant agreement” and “commerce policies”

. Owning a domain for your shop

. Creating Instagram and Facebook business pages and linking them

Once you meet the basic requirements, you can move on to starting your Instagram business account. Since Instagram Shops is a part of Facebook Shops, you require to create a Facebook business page. Ideally, you need to create a Facebook Shopping page and set it up with a shopping template. Now switch your personal account to a business account. You can convert your account by going into your setting and by clicking on “Switch to professional/business account”.

Now you can connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account and then choose a Facebook page to run your store through. One need to follow these steps to do this such as –

. Selecting Edit profile

. Tapping your public business information

Tapping the page

. Choosing a Facebook page to connect

. Uploading your product catalog manually or with an e-commerce partner

The product catalog is what commutes your Instagram shop. There are two ways by the benefit of which one can add a catalog such as –

. Using Facebook’s catalog manager

. Connecting a third-party e-commerce platform

. Applying and waiting for an approval

After you have a catalog of products on Facebook that is connected to Instagram, you can acknowledge your profile for review. One need to follow these steps to do this such as –

. Tap on the “Setting” option from your Instagram business profile

. Now tap on the “Business” option and then on the Instagram shopping

Follow the instructions to double-check your account and then click on the “Apply” option

. Turning on shopping and tag products 

After your account is approved, you can turn on Shopping for your Instagram account. Go to the “Setting” option, tap on “Business” and then tap on “Shopping”. Now choose which product catalog you want to connect and then tap on the “Done” option. 

Now you can draw people to your catalog through shopping posts and stories. You can even add tags to your images that lead directly to products, so shoppers can always find out more about what they see. One can also use stickers in stories, which also lead to products in your catalog. 

Pros and cons of setting up an Instagram Shopping account

These are some of the pros of setting up an Instagram Shopping account such as –

. Having an easier buying experience –

 Once Instagram users tap on your product, they can notice its product listing page with the product details and price. Tapping again unquestionably directs them to your website, where they can buy your product and finish the e-commerce transaction via the checkout.

. Higher chances of users buying from you –

 When you tag a product in a post, it is included in Instagram’s Shop tab. You can even put your shoppable posts on your Instagram stories. Since Instagram users spend 85% of their time exploring new products, they can notice your shoppable Instagram image while they are in “buying mode”.

These are some of the cons of setting up an Instagram Shopping account such as –

. Limited availability to businesses –

 Not all brands can set up Instagram shop for their account. To set up an Instagram shop, one needs to pass Instagram’s requirements first. 

Wrap Up

If you have a web store, it is easy to start using Instagram to expand your business. Instagram shopping will grow in the future, and Instagram endeavors a great way for businesses to take advantage of this.

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By Andrew

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