What is Social media analytics and why it is so crucial for businesses?

January 24, 2022
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Social media analytics comprises gathering and analyzing data from various social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and using that information to inform business decisions. Data collected from this reveals how users enlist with, view, or share content. Tracking and analyzing social data can benefit marketers to identify high-performing content based on the audience, recognize trends on various social media platforms, and track the overall effectiveness of a brand’s social media strategy. Social media analytics is crucial in helping businesses to –

. Measure ROI –

 With the right analytics tools, marketers can measure their ROI and prove the concussion of their efforts on business results.

. Making better strategic marketing decisions –

 Data-driven strategies implement better. Because by allowing your data to drive future marketing decisions, you can cynosure resources, and time on efforts that yield results. 

. Comparing performance against competitors –

You can interpret the context of your efforts by comparing them to competitors and performance averages.

Types of tools that one can use 

To track all the crucial social media metrics. You need to use various types of social media analytics tools such as –

. Platform analytics 

There are many great analytics tools contingent on each of the platforms. For example, Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights. These social media analytics tools have evolved over the years and endeavor some really useful functionality. You’re starting point needs to be platform analytics. Because they are free and you are getting analytics straight from the horse’s mouth. 

. Management tool analytics

There is a wide variety of social media management providers that administer free social media analysis as part of their solution. For example, Agorapulse or SproutSocial are some of these tools that afford very good analytics as part of their platforms.

. Standalone social media analysis

These are social media measurement tools that only afford social media analytics functionality. Because of these tools, entire cynosure is analytics. You can find some great functionality as part of these platforms. The only thing one needs to contemplate is that they are accessing platform analytics so their analytics can be only as good as the data contingent by these platforms.

How does social media analytics assist you in understanding your business ROI?

Social media analytics tools display the numbers behind the social media reaction to marketing campaigns, new content, product launches, and so on. Increased number of brand or product mentions, likes, retweets, as well as an increased number of followers show in most cases that the activity has been a lucrative one. These exceptions can also regard cases where the activity has ardent negative attention are disclosed with sentiment analysis.

Diving into social media data means you do not just know that the number of acknowledgments, followers, or likes has increased or decreased. You can also see the most favored complaints or comments, the influencers who have praised or criticized your product, and the outside factors that played a role, such as location, season, and demographic. For example, you can determine that 80% of negative mentions came from women. From this, you can conclude that the campaign failed due to being offensive to women. This is how one can use social media analytics to assess a peculiar activity.

Do you think that social media analytics can grow your business?

As it is seen that social media is a powerful tool. If it is done correctly it can have a serious impact on your bottom line. We need to look at these three areas where social media analytics can advance your business such as –

. Customer Service –

After that, Research shows that 67% of consumers have interacted with a brand via social media regarding customer service-related questions. You can share these questions and answers quickly through various social media. This may expand your business reach while doing something that you are doing already.

. Building your brand – 

The power of social media is to build a brand’s image that cannot be understood. For example, a positive message about your brand, or a photo that focuses on your product, can be shared by thousands of customers via social media. Social media is an accomplished place to share your brand personality. 

. Making a sale –

 The bottom line with any campaign is to turn prospects into loyal customers. Basically, social media is one of the powerful tools in this arena. Recent research has shown that answering a customer’s question on various social media platforms prompts 49% of consumers to purchase. 


It is not just your brand’s performance that you need to analyze on social media. Social media analytics includes various market research and competitor research. It also needs to identify trending topics in your industry, find relevant influencers, and reveal content that performs outstanding. Apart from this, it adds to your traditional research methods by revealing opinions that are not determined by social desirability bias, by the questions asked, or by a mistaken recall.

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