How to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

February 10, 2021
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

How to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen forms were created to provide quality lead data to marketers and provides easy access to content on the platform. LinkedIn Gen Forms can be added to Sponsored Content campaigns. They have proven to increase lead volume and quality, which makes it easy for marketers to offer proof of the ROI of your campaign. One company, for example, since using Lead Gen Forms, has increased leads 400% and has a 20% conversion rate. Internal data indicates that LinkedIn Lead Gen Form campaigns can increase conversions by up to 3x compared to a standard Sponsored Content campaign. Lead Gen Forms are great for promoting newsletter sign-ups, webinars, and whitepapers. It makes it easy for members to connect and offers markets what they are looking for, which is accurate data.

Getting Started

A form template needs to be created first. This is what the form template should include:

  • Describe offering – Once a member hits the call-to-action button, the form will open on your Sponsored Content. Include an offer headline and let the members know what you are offering. Add a privacy policy URL. It’s required and lets members know how the data you collect will be used.
  • Choose the fields you’ll use for your form template – You can choose up to 7 fields. Forms are pre-filled with data from the member’s profile and the member can edit any missing fields. Since the forms are pre-filled, advertisers will usually receive quality leads with higher conversion rates.
  • Include a Thank You page – After a member has submitted their information, let them see a thank you page from you. You can also include additional information with other call-to-actions.

When you have completed the form template, you will be able to add a Lead Generation Form to your Sponsored Content.

Determining Campaign Results

When you click on the Leads tab in the Campaign Manager dashboard, you can see your campaign performance. You can see the key performance metrics, which will include the total cost per lead and the total number of leads. Marketers will have access to this information for up to 90 days. All data is deleted so that the member’s information is protected. It is recommended that users download their lead data as often as possible for their records. They can also set it up so that the leads go into their CRM or marketing automation.

Optimizing Lead Gen Campaign Results

When setting up your ad, do the following:

  • Include relevant images and copy – You want you’re messaging to be consistent.
  • Make sure your messaging matches the CTA and be direct – Always let the member know the value they are getting for their information.

Setting up the Lead Gen Form

  • Don’t overdo it – If your leads are low, you may have too many fields. The fewer fields that have to be filled out the better the chances are of your receiving more leads.
  • Avoid manual input fields – Conversion rates are higher when the member doesn’t have to fill out as many fields.

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