LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs – All You Need to Know for 2021

February 10, 2021
LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs

Advertisers can increase conversion ratings through the use of carousel ads. Carousel ads enable them to show several images in a single ad. The carousel ad helps to tell a story, increases ROI advertising, and gets you more brand recognition. LinkedIn Carousel ads are a type of Sponsored Content with swipeable cards. The ads will appear in the news feed on your LinkedIn page and in the news feed of the followers across every device and platform. The typical LinkedIn Carousel ad has multiple image cards and each card has a headline and intro content. You can also create Carousel ads for two campaign objectives, which might include, brand consideration, conversions, and brand awareness. Based on your campaign objective you can send people to your post-click page to collect leads by using the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. Read more about LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs.

The carousel ads offer standard advertising metrics, they also provide advertisers with access to the number of clicks for every card and impression. This type of information will help you to tweak your ads so that you can find the best way to highlight the story of your brand.

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Carousel ads offer three things that other LinkedIn ad formats do not, which include:

Storytelling –

This method offers the best storytelling because the ad is personalized for the member’s audience. The ad type highlights the member’s brand personality and makes it easier for them to connect with their audience.

Promote more content in a single ad:

Carousel ads can promote as many as 10 images/cards. With up to 10 images, more CTAs, and having each card to go a post-click page, members offer their audience a pretty good picture of what they are offering to them.

Higher CTRs –

Polling of more than 300 advertisers who used the beta-tested carousel ads for Sponsored Content, revealed that 75% of them use the ads in their content campaign because they noticed an increase in engagement and click-throughs when compared to other Sponsored Content campaigns. Carousels have more content and this offers advertisers multiple opportunities to engage with their audience. Also, Contact us to know more about LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs.

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Carousel Ad Specs

The two prerequisites for creating carousel ads are –

  • A LinkedIn Page admin with user access to the Campaign Manager and permissions that are higher than your viewers.
  • Permission to post-Direct Sponsored Content

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When you have met these requirements, here are the ad specs to use:

  • You must have a minimum of at least two cards but less than 10 cards.
  • Introduction text can only be 150 characters for mobile users
  • the intro text/commentary/description area can only be 255 characters.

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Individual Carousel Card specs:

  • 10 MB Max file size
  • 1080×1080 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio is recommended for individual images

Rich media formats that can be supported

  • GIF (non-animated)
  • JPG
  • PNG

Headline text per image card is a maximum of two lines

  • 30 – character limited carousel ads with a Lead Gen Form CTA
  • 45 – character limited carousel ads directing visitors to a landing page

FAQs On LinkedIn Carousel Ad Specs

Q1. What is the size of the LinkedIn Carousel?

1080 x 1080px

Requirements for individual cards inside the merry go round: Max file size: 10 MB. Max picture measurement: 4320x 4320px. Suggested individual picture spec: 1080 x 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Q2. What number of pictures ought to be in a carousel ad?

10 pictures

Q3. What number of cards would it be advisable for you to utilize when beginning with LinkedIn Carousel Ad?

Utilize high-quality and firm visuals. Keep the text short and alluring. Start with 3 to 5 cards and watch out for results to optimize.

Q4. Would you be able to post a Carousel on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s document sharing feature allows you to make carousel posts naturally. You can get a huge load of natural commitment if you do it right and this post will give you every one of the fixings you need to make marvelous LinkedIn carousel posts that connect with and convert.

Q5. Why you should utilize LinkedIn Carousel Ad?

LinkedIn Carousel Ad likewise permits publicists to incorporate more data and more pictures or recordings. You can feature different items, exhibit more insights regarding your items, or recount a story with each card. With ten pictures or recordings, promoters can add ten unique features with a portrayal and connection for each card.

Q6. What size should Carousel ads be?

Least width and height of 600 pixels (at least 254 x 133 pixels for Messenger Home Carousel Ads). At least 2 cards and a max of 10 cards for each Carousel Ad. The suggested proportion is 1:1. Max picture size of 30MB.

Q7. Where does LinkedIn Carousel Ad show up?

These advertisements show up locally in the news channel, on your LinkedIn Page, and in the news source of your supporters across all gadgets and stages, portable as well. You can make Carousel ads for two mission destinations, brand mindfulness, brand thought, and transformations.

Q8. Do carousels perform better on LinkedIn?

Clients can look through the report like a show. Furthermore, since they don’t have to pass on the stage to do as such, that keeps LinkedIn cheerful. Since carousel posts are intuitive and outwardly alluring, they stand apart from the newsfeed. They’re likewise a splendid method to share your mastery outwardly and engagingly.

Q9. Are LinkedIn Carousel Ads more costly?

Carousel performed inadequately with an expense for each lead 2.8 occasions higher than the picture promotion, in addition to a significant expense for every snap and a low pace of commitment.

Q10. What is the reason for the carousel?

Regularly, carousels are conspicuously found and are utilized to give route or show the page content. Available carousels are fundamental for some site clients including People utilizing console route and voice input programming can explore between individual things.

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