How to employ Low Search Volume Keywords to optimize your Website Content?

July 13, 2021
Voice Search Optimization

It is quite frequent that you find your Google Ads account has several keywords marked as “Low Search Volume” keywords. Most long-tail keywords are keywords with a length of 4-5 words and with the match type exact or phrase become “low search volume” for the account. So, before we argue on how to administer low search volume keywords. It is crucial to discern what “Low Search Volume” keywords mean.

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What does a “Low Search Volume” Keyword mean?

The “Low Search Volume” Keyword status is given to the keywords that fail to entice enough traffic. People do not routinely search for “low search volume” keywords which accomplishes the keywords to not participate in Google Ads keyword auction. Such keywords remain inactive and do not generate any Ads until the search traffic increases for such keywords. It could be hindering to see that your most relevant brand terms or category keywords are falling under “low search volume” status. If it is so, you need to understand that for your particular term there is not much search happening on Google at that moment. Here are some of the ways by the aid of which you can administer your low search volume keywords to optimize your website content such as –

Change the match type 

Exact and phrase matches additionally make keywords influence limited for better. But for low search volume keywords, this strategy can be counter-productive. For exact long-tail keywords, in a restrictive match type that is in low search volume, you can acknowledge them to convert in BMM (broad match modifier). You should add “+” in front of the crucial words of long-tail low search volume keywords and add it back to broad. Do not prefix “+” on all the words of such keywords, that will make the keywords as good as a phrase.

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Ensure that you properly optimize your web pages to target this keyword 

Employ every part of your webpage. Embed the target keyword and its associated keywords into –

. Headings, specifically in H1 and H2s

. Alt text on images

. Content

. Anchor text for the links (from other pages on your website)

. Metadata

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Utilize call-to-actions

Since these keywords will engage such relevant users, you want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of this opportunity. If this page is a blog, input in-line or pop-up CTAs to capture the user’s attention. If this page is a core page, make sure that you have CTAs above the fold and throughout the page to administer an accessible outlet for an interested user.

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Change the bucket

Many times the low search volume keywords are enacted of seasonality. Some of your products or services may be highly searched during a specific time of the year, but not during others. Such targeted keywords often remained inactive as “low search volume” during the other time of the year. It can be arid to analyze the account performance after every sales season and administer such keywords individually. For such season keywords, we had endorsed creating a separate campaign and Ad groups to segment them, so the management will be easier. By pausing such campaigns during the off-season, you will also enhance your account’s quality score.

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Conduct lengthy keyword research

Finding the best keywords consistently does not involve just one search in Semrush, or whatever tool you use. Since these are more complicated keywords, you may have to try many variations and scroll through the “relevant keywords” section to find the perfect keyword, with low competition and high relevance. 

Make people search 

If you are just catapulting a new product or brand it is conceivable that your keywords might have a low search volume. This is because people cannot search for something that they do not know exists. Improving the search traffic for these keywords is not possible overnight, but in the future, these keywords can become exceptionally profitable. Leave these keywords active, as it is. You may fixate on public relations, press releases, or display advertising of your Ads in the meantime. Once the traffic comes to your website, users will start to know more about your new brand or product. Soon you should start seeing a spike in the search queries for those keywords that used to have a low search volume.

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Keyword ranking increases

Once you begin targeting these low-volume keywords, their low-volume related keywords will supersede suit naturally. With high-volume keywords, since it is such a saturated market, it can be challenging to naturally rank for more keywords without directly targeting them. With low-volume keywords, an accretion of rankings will come much easier.

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Before you intuitively go for these high-volume keywords, you require to slow down and research to ensure that you are making the right decision. Low searched keywords cannot only administer some value to your brand website, but they also can be way more worth the time, money, and effort that goes into making your business the elite it can be.

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