Top digital marketing certifications of 2022

February 02, 2022
Marketing certifications

To stay on top of your brand’s digital presence, you need to be equipped with the leading and the most updated practices and tools that can benefit you to succeed. If you have experience working in this field, then you might have to update your knowledge. And if you are new, then you need to learn a lot about digital marketing. Get digital marketing certifications that will benefit you by getting all the updated information and equipping yourself with the skills required to flourish.

Why does one need to obtain a digital marketing certification?

It is easy to fall behind if you do not keep up with new digital marketing trends and methods. No matter where you are at in your marketing career. It is necessary to continue your education and develop your skillset. A digital marketing certification program can benefit you hone skills such as email marketing, content, and digital advertising. Earning digital marketing certifications can benefit you further your career by earning a promotion or negotiating a higher salary. No matter what your goals look like, a digital marketing certification is a sure-fire way to push your career to the next level.  

Top digital marketing certification

You can easily find lots of digital marketing certificate online programs making rounds. For your help, we have listed down some of the top and outstanding digital marketing certifications for you. They are very useful and can help afford the essential knowledge required to move further in your field. Some of the top digital marketing certification programs are such as –

. Microsoft Advertising Certification

Microsoft advertising certification is undoubtedly one of the leading digital marketing certifications online because of the number of features that it endeavor. This is a free digital marketing course. For starters, the program helps to learn about advertising and how you can enhance your Ad campaigns. Moreover, after you have completed the certification, it places you in the member directory, which benefits the potential employers to confirm your certification status immediately. There are blazing chances that you might even catch a marketing head’s eye while they are busy looking to hire someone. This is one of the leading digital marketing certificates online, beneficence additional benefits after the course is completed. 

. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

This digital marketing certification is very specialized and is unquestionably very favorable if you want to become a very well-trained digital marketer. Google Analytics is used by all digital marketers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any Ad strategy. And use it to make sure that you are on the right track to gaining a lot of traffic on your web page and social media pages. With a complete and detailed understanding of Google Analytics, you can build very compelling and successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Regarding its certification, it is a 90-minute long exam and needs to be taken in a single session. Moreover, you need to score at least 80% to pass the exam. In case you fail the exam, then you need to wait for at least a week before giving the exam again. This course is also free like the first one that is mentioned above. You only need to have time and a lot of information about this course to pass the exam.

. YouTube Certified

How would you feel if you got a chance to learn from one of the best marketing platforms in the world? Pretty splendid, right? That is specifically what we want to tell you. YouTube endeavor a certification that benefits you to understand the basics of the digital marketing ecosystem. And assist you to understand what the toll is and how it performs differently. YouTube certification course benefits understanding how video marketing works. And endeavor some of the outstanding tips and tricks so that you can keep on creating your engaging audiovisual content. 

These digital marketing certifications teach you about channel growth, content ownership, and even asset monetization. These all are an asset you increase in the traffic and visitors to your channel and convert them into buyers. The best part of this course is that it is free of cost to learn as much as you can from it without worrying about how you will pay for the entire course. 

Google is a compelling search engine and endeavors some highly unique tools whose use can benefit to increase your traffic to your website and benefit to increase conversions and sales simultaneously. Vast knowledge of Google tools can benefit you to create fewer marketing mistakes. Furthermore, Google Ads Marketing certification can strongly assist you to build your marketing strategies. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are already working in this field. Added knowledge related to these tools can benefit you to increase your exposure and worth it to get the certification. This course is free and aid shines a light on some crucial topics related to Google Ads and analytics. If you are already familiar with this, it can afford you with some additional information, if not, it can benefit you to learn everything from scratch. This includes measuring metrics, essential analytics, and many other things.


Investing in digital marketing certifications will benefit you and push your career to the next level, whether you want to get a raise or specialize in your role. With these certifications, you will gain some new skills and stay at the front of current trends and technology applications. Searching for the right online certification course depends on the skills you want to learn and your favored learning method. 

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